15 Times Designers Took A Sip From The Fountain Of Creativity And Built Amazing Things

Any time could be a problem. It’s likely that you got sidetracked by a situation or felt so intimidated by it that you had to put it off for a few days or weeks in favor of something more substantial. How did you deal with it? Everybody approaches situations differently. But we all have the tendency to seek advice from Google or others who have dealt with comparable circumstances. Is this a fact? However, some people choose not to go down this road. Instead, they let their imaginations run wild, which led to some interesting but unexpected outcomes. Here are some examples of innovative people who are doing this in real life.


Their inventiveness drives them to seek out methods to make things better. Things like book benches and blind-friendly chess are just a couple of the inventions that really show off the inventiveness of excellent designers. Check out what they did to address their issues by scrolling down. They may provide you with some inspiration. Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to think creatively when solving an issue.

#1. My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water

Source: Dom_wpc

#2. This bathroom hand washing area with mirrors in the shape of sunglasses

Source: [deleted]

#3. Office building that’s inside…. But looks like it’s outside

Source: Lolagurl

#4. This brand of coffee changes the design for decaffeinated coffee

Source: Thine_Sloth

#5. This amazing bench in Alexandria’s library, Egypt

Source: GallowBoob

#6. I found this bird table quite charming

Source: ViddyDoodah

#7. Bakery has a large cement loaf of bread as a door stopper

Source: Rainbow_Aura

#8. This sign was designed to be read in the reflection of the water

Source: halfchance100

#9. This pro-bike sign

Source: henr_u

#10. These stairs

Source: squid50s

#11. Chessboard designed for blind people

Source: a9raag

#12. Just a genius bag design

Source: Getresva

#13. Table with solar panel as a sunshade that doubles as a charger for the ports at it’s base

Advertisement by UDM
Source: [deleted]

#14. My microwave has a “no beep” setting

Source: blr0067

#15. My salt and pepper shakers are really a work of art

Source: Hakusi_Katei

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