15 Movies And Their Underlying Plots Explained Through A Single Sentence

All movies are the same, you just had to dig deep to understand that.

How many times have you seen a movie and when it ends you go “The plot was sort of like that one movie we watched that one time”? Yes, we have all said this and that is because there are many movies that are pretty different by genre or production, but very similar in terms of the underlying plot. And that is because, according to some authors, there are only 7 basic plots out there that every book, movie, tv-show, play, or drama is based on. You can pick out any movie and it would have one of those 7 basic plots, and that is why we often feel a similarity between two different movies. Those basic seven plots according to most Internet sources and authors are “Overcoming the monster”, “Tragedy”, “Rebirth”, “Rags to riches”, “The quest”, and “Voyage and Return”, and “Comedy”. The theory has been tested and we are about to show it to you.


Today we will be comparing a total of 30 movies in pairs of two. So, 15 pairs of very different movies but with a very similar plot. So much so, that the plot of both movies can be explained in two to three lines. Yup, not kidding.

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1. Father and son reunite after an emotional journey full of searches.

© Finding Nemo / Pixar Animation Studio© Star Wars / Lucasfilm Ltd.

2. Kid without parents, living with his aunt and uncle, realized he has powers and goes on the save the world from bad people.


© Spider-Man / Sony Pictures Digital Productions Inc.© Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

3. In Harry Potter and Love Actually, Alan Rickman made best efforts to ruin Christmas for us all.


© Harry Potter / Warner Bros.© Love Actually / Universal Pictures

4. Matilda and Carrie both had parents who didn’t care for them and they ended up mastering telekinesis.


© Carrie / Red Bank Films© Matilda / TriStar Pictures

5. Both old men hated people after their wives died, they became friends with an Asian neighbor, and the neighbor helped the old man transform and changed their view about people.


© Up / Pixar Animation Studios© Gran Torino / Warner Bros.

6. Guy with all the resources and tricks up his arsenal gets left alone on Christmas and decides to beat criminals up.


© Home Alone / Twentieth Century Fox© Die Hard / Twentieth Century Fox

7. Two French rats mastered their sense of smell to achieve their purpose. But the purpose in both movies was very different.


© Ratatouille / Walt Disney Pictures© Perfume / DreamWorks

8. Plot revolves around two sisters and their story and one of them realizes she has hidden powers.


© Frozen / Walt Disney Pictures© Star Wars / Lucasfilm Ltd.

See! The internal storylines are very different, obviously, they have to, or else the movie would be boring and a replica. But the underlying plot is quite the same. I won’t lie, this is pretty exciting and when you realize the similarity, it really does amaze you. So yeah, so far the theory is going strong.

Let’s enjoy some more pairs of movies with the same underlying plot.

9. Cowboy deals with aliens. Literally.


© Cowboys & Aliens / Universal Pictures© Toy Story / Pixar Animation Studios

10. Group of teenagers try to catch a monster with a mask on.


© The Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Vortex© Scooby-Doo / Warner Bros.

11. Protagonist who has an alternative personality gets tested in terms of life and relations as their alternative self takes over.

© Fight Club / Fox 2000 Pictures and Coproducers© Hanna Montana: The Movie / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

12. Clown ready to kill everyone.


© The Dark knight / Warner Bros.© It / Warner Bros.

13. Benedict Cumberbatch was woken up and all hell broke loose.

© The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer© Star Trek: Into Darkness / Paramount Pictures

14. Finds magic shoes, goes on an adventure, makes friends, and comes back home.


© The Wizard of Oz / Warner Bros.© Forrest Gump / Paramount Pictures

15. In both The Notebook and 50 First Dates, the husband had to constantly remind his ill wife that she loves him.

© The Notebook / Warner Bros.© 50 First Dates / Sony Pictures

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Can you think of pairs of movies that’s plots can be explained with the same sentence?

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