21 Discoveries Shared By People From Around The Globe That Will Make Your Day

Recent discoveries aren’t as crazy as the ones made in the past…but it still feels cool to make one.

Discoveries don’t come to a person so it does take an effort to make one. They are difficult to find and that is why you get that high level of satisfaction and joy when you discover something. And the best feeling is that no one else in the world knows about it until you finally break it to the world. Breaking a discovery is very easy in today’s time. You don’t have to contact some huge science committee and go through all the nitty gritty, you just make a social media post and that’s it. It takes seconds to become a certified discoverer. All the time consumed is in making the discovery, the rest is easy. The discoveries today aren’t like hitting gold or oil. They are different and opinions can differ, but I find the new, simpler discoveries cooler and far more amusing. We don’t want another discovery of an oil reservoir, we want heart-shaped oranges to be discovered, and we want clouds to make the shape of a horse, that’s the kind of discovery that will get everyone surprised and they are not easy to make.

Today we have compiled 21 discoveries shared by their respected discoverers. You guys are going to find them extremely cool. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. God knows how and where she discovered it, but this woman now possesses probably the largest hat in the world.

Via weezelbug / Reddit

2. You can see this cat’s veins through its translucent ears.


Via kooshinni / Reddit

3. This horse cloud is unbelievably perfect.


Via Christi Gain / Flickr, CC BY 2.0

4. Even though I have just seen a heart-shaped orange, I still cannot believe my eyes.


Via MrDave8739 / Reddit

5. It’s not just a zebra cruising in any car, it’s a zebra cruising in a G-Wagon.


Via sunghooter / Reddit

6. Acceptance towards all animals is very important.


Via briefaspossible / Reddit

7. No one will think about stealing this bike after seeing that thick a** U-Lock.


Via DickieJohnson / Reddit

8. A customer paid with this $2 Dorothy the Dinosaur coin. Looked too cool to return so they accepted it.


Via Educational-Term2640 / Reddit

9. This Uber biker had a tiny umbrella set up for their phone. So cute.


Via degiovasc / Reddit

10. This bank pulled a sneaky on everyone by having a security guard made out of wax.


Via vanduzled / Reddit

11. This person discovered a gorgeous multi-colored hydrangea. It was found in their friend’s backyard who had no idea it was there.

Via BigSquilliumm / Reddit

These people really must be feeling like Sherlock Holmes after making the discoveries. You have to give them to them, they are pretty cool. You don’t want to believe some of them but they are true findings existing in our reality and there is no option but to accept our reality.

I find these discoveries exactly as cool as the ones made in the old times. What do you guys think?

12. Looks like Zeus landed on Earth in the shape of a Praying Mantis.


Via OurTimeToShine3521 / Reddit

13. Whoever discovered this little ghoul dude probably wants to reverse time.

Via Ambitious-Story284 / Reddit

14. An adventurer, ladies, and gentlemen.


Via thengyyy / Reddit

15. Their glasses got smushed against someone’s face and that left a creepily realistic imprint of that person’s eye on it. It feels like there’s a person living in there.

Via xXxAwkwardPenguinxXx / Reddit

16. “No filter. This pic I took in the ossuary at Verdun came out looking like it was from Phantasm.”


Via axnu / Reddit

17. Just look at the size of that termite mound.

Via TuteOnSon / Reddit

18. I now require nothing more than a squished toy pineapple after seeing this.


Via EasyDifficulty_69 / Reddit

19. Caught growing out of its old skin.

Via IlliterationAside / Reddit

20. She discovered she possess the ability to do THAT, on a road trip.


Via bieuwkje / Reddit

21. This kitten’s owner discovered it has a third eye. Woah!

Via miragen125 / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more.


Via slaminsalmon74

Cat tax.

Here’s Jack! He was found in the streets weighing only 6 ounces with infections in both eyes. Now he’s a healthy boy at almost 4.5 lbs and one eye short! Wouldn’t trade him for the world.


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