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14 Details Of Disney Cartoons That Will Make You Look At Them Differently

Usually, when we watch our favorite Disney movies, we focus on the plot, and the cute little details that just keep us hooked to them. But, in doing so, we tend to overlook some of the intricate details that really make them extraordinary. These details may be so small in nature that we, regular watchers, may never have even thought about it.

On the contrary, some of these details may be so interesting that it’ll completely change our perspective and we might even start viewing these movies in a different light. Whatever it may be, we know these movie facts are unmissable! If you are a Disney fanatic and you know someone who has decided to NOT check out this article, you would know, just in a few moments, that they aren’t really true Disney fans! You, on the other hand, have come to the right place. Because these details and facts may blow your mind.

Scroll down to check them out;

1. The Beauty and The Beast

Ordinarily, when we watch this iconic movie, we see the beast like a lion because of the mane. But, what we don’t know is that he actually has characteristics of various animals, not just the lion! Beast was one of the Disney characters that took a lot of time in the making. It was eventually decided to give the Beast some of the features of 7 animals (Human beings are also social animals, jbtw)! Wow, talk about diversity. Interestingly, the eyes were made blue because the Beast has to eventually turn into a prince with blue eyes.

2. Frozen in Big Hero 6


The Big Hero 6 creators really weren’t a fan of the evil yet charming prince in Frozen, and we relate! They decided to just add his picture on the wanted board. You might’ve spotted it but we were pretty distracted by Baymax trying to tape himself. But, hey! Serves this “prince” right for being so evil to Anna.

3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Wayne Allwine, who played Mickey and Russi Taylor, the voice behind Minnie ended up getting married in real life! Well, no wonder? They played the voices for Mickey and Minnie for 32 years. That is certainly a long time and we are thankful for it. These voice actors got married in 1991 and spent a good 20 years together. We love a happy ending!

4. Mulan and Jasmine


We view Disney princesses as… well princesses. And princesses wear beautiful dresses and gowns, that we end up trying to replicate in hopes of becoming a princess. Though that never really becomes a reality, Mulan and Jasmine are there to save the day with their more wearable and relatable clothes. They are the only princesses who wear PANTS! Ahh, finally a costume we can rock as well.

5. Pocahontas


While many, or basically all, of the Disney movies are fiction-based, Pocahontas is the only one that is based on actual events and not imaginary.

6. Rapunzel


Notice anything out of the ordinary? Let us help you. Rapunzel is the only Disney princess who DOES NOT have blue or brown eyes. Instead, she has those mesmerizing light green colored eyes that made me watch this movie 1 million times.

7. Up and Ratatouille


Disney is full of surprises and never fails to amuse its fans with some very interesting hints. Ratatouille was created way before Up but the makers already had an idea of what to do with the movie Up. So, they decided to add in a little hint for the very vigilant Disney fans. That’s why you can see Dug from Up in one of the scenes where Remy is running away.

8. Tarzan and Mulan


We know how much Disney loves easter eggs. It’s even more evident when the stuffed toy that falls from the professor’s bag ends up being the dog or Little Brother from Mulan!

9. The Lion King


Here’s something only animal enthusiasts might’ve noticed; Simba’s roar is actually not the roar of a Lion but a Tiger! This is because they wanted his roar to be loud but in reality, the lion’s roar is a little quieter than we could ever expect.

10. The Little Mermaid


This one really blew us away! Did you know; Ariel from The Little Mermaid was based on Alyssa Milano? After playing Phoebe in the Charmed TV Series, the 11-year-old became super famous and some of her traits, behaviors, and features were then given to Ariel!

11. The Princesses and The Frog

Tiana was the only Disney princess who had an actual paying job. The rest of the Disney princesses don’t need to have a job because they belong to a family of wealth. Whereas Tiana is more of an independent princess and we adore that.

12. Winnie the Pooh and Transformers


The Donkey, Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, and the robot, Optimus Prime from the Transformer were both voiced by the same person, Peter Cullen. Wow! That’s like, poles apart.

13. WALL-E

The cutest Disney character was actually named after the legend himself, Walter Elias ‘Walt’ Disney. Honestly, we can’t even imagine WALL-E with any other name any more. We can watch this movie thousands of times because of how adorable it is.

14. The Jungle Book and The Beatles


The Beatles were initially supposed to voice the Vultures from the Jungle Book and it was all arranged by the manager of the Beatles himself. However, John Lennon refused to let the whole band voice the vultures. Hence, as a result, the physical traits and features were used instead. Now that we look at them side-by-side, we can definitely see the resemblance.

Well, these were certainly interesting, to say the least. We enjoyed every little detail and we would never have known some of these if it weren’t for this article. We can’t decide which one our favorite was, can you? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to tag all your friends and family members who are also Disney fans. We are sure they will enjoy this article just as much as we all did. And you never know, they might know some interesting facts and details that we can add in the next article!


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