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Disney Movies With Quicker And More Realistic Endings Are Pretty Hilarious

What if Disney movies were not dragged and rather had quicker endings?

I don’t think there has been any movie that isn’t dragged. There are numerous movies that are dragged to increase the playtime when they could have had a simple and quicker ending. Sometimes, it’s actually fun to watch but it depends upon the acting, direction of the movie, and the plot itself, of course. If a plot isn’t good enough, people would just get bored of it and would want to get done with the movie unless you’re planning to give a few hints alongside the movie and the movie ends up in a twisty ending which leaves the people surprised.


Similarly, every Disney movie which features an evil protagonist who could have just gotten the job done much earlier would rather delay it until the end of the movie. But if we start judging the movies based on complete logic, a movie would simply end in a few minutes, to be precise. So, whenever you’re watching a movie, you must keep in mind that it’s a MOVIE and not actual life until unless that movie is based upon true events. Anyway, to prove how these movies would end up in minutes with actual logic, a Disney fan decided to depict it through his art. Let’s go ahead and take a look at it;

1. All Cinderella had to do was be straightforward with the Prince instead of going through all that hassle.

Now we realize how cringey that plot was. I mean, the prince literally went out to find a girl he danced with to return her…slippers?

2. Simba simply could have just told everyone what he saw.


But hey, this movie was an absolute masterpiece so I would NOT be fine with any criticism related to it. Even though it could have ended in a few with actual logic.

3. Snow-white could have acted smartly


Why did she have to be so dumb? I mean this certainly is an unconventional plot, don’t you think?

4. Yep and that’s about it.


Now you see why there shouldn’t be actual logic involved in a movie?

5. She definitely ain’t risking anything.


6. Let’s just admit, Dragon was the center of attention, not Mulan.


The dragon be like, “yeah, worship me a-holes”

7. If only Aladdin would have known how to make a wish, things could have been so easier.


But since the movie had to be prolonged and dragged, Aladdin simply didn’t have enough brains to ask for these things which would have eased up his problems, and the movie would have ended up quickly.

Oh well, I’m pretty sure that you’ve had a great laugh watching these illustrations and we should definitely appreciate the person who made these illustrations. I guess he was pretty done with the movies being dragged too. Anyway, we would like to know whether you would still prefer a dragged movie without logic, or would you be interested in watching a movie with actual logic? Let us know your opinions down in the comments below.


What do you think?