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8 Disney Princes Reimagined By A Russian Artist With Their Adorable Kids

Disney is such an entertainment for us, they brought us to a magical world. It made our childhood extra special, everyone’s favorite was Disney, the way they showed us their magnificent Kingdoms, beautiful sceneries and specially those beautiful princesses. However the princesses character was everyone’s favorite and it stole the spotlight and we should also give the credit to princes who also played an important role in the Disney stories. Have you ever imagined what the Princes looked like after “happily ever after”? Have you ever wondered what their offspring looked like? If you are, then you are on the right page!. Meet a Russian artist  Oksana Pashchenko who showed us that princes should not be forgotten. So here we have collected Disney’s 8 princes Disney characters and gave us all a new view to start imagining the characters that made our childhood extra special. So grab a cup of coffee and keep on scrolling down, don’t forget to watch it till the end. We are sure that you are going to love it!.

1. Meet Prince Henry and his daughter

Prince Henry’s daughter is looking soo beautiful wearing her mom’s glass shoe even though it is bigger than her shoe size. Cinderella must be really proud of this beautiful picture

2. Presenting you prince Adam Of Beauty And The Beast

She is definitely the mini version of her mother, well Bella was always right Adam does have a kindest heart.

3. Hercules While Doing His Daughter’s Hair


This is an adorable picture, look at the way Hercules is doing her daughter’s hair, she looks exactly like her mother.

4. The Sleeping Prince With His Little Bundle Of Joy, the details are pretty amazing look at the drooling mouth of sleeping prince


She’s having the best sleep of her life, wrapped around her father’s arms. Now that is true love, Aurora told herself as she looked at them.

5. Aren’t They Charming?


I am definitely sure that she got these stunning looks from her father. Well we all didn’t know that Prince Charming knows how to bake impressive.

6. Aladdin Trying Out A Carpet Ride With His Son


This illustration is amazing. They are on a magical carpet ride. It looks like Aladdin is telling his son how her mom enjoyed the first ride of this magical carpet.

7.Prince Eric Giving His Daughter A Bath, meet Melody she surely loves water


8. Prince Li Shang Training His Son, look at him training with his father, well he is such a cutie pie



This artist really tickled our imaginations by giving us the glimpse of how these handsome looked like as dads. They sure did look amazing, these pictures are too good to be ignored. It definitely brought us a new sense of imagination picturing these men and their happy families. These princes children looked the cutest.  Let us know which one of these pictures are your favorite in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned for more fun content.


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