Dog Chained To Tree For 7 Years Finally Finds Superheroes Who Helped Him

No ruthlessness is above positivity.

No matter how much you increase the positivity in this world, bad people will still exist but if you compare the value and the worth of the two sides, the good side will always supersede no matter what. But the fact that bad people are there, bad stuff will happen even if the situation is to be rescued, eventually, by the good people. For example, suppose a dog gets abandoned by its ex-owners for the worst possible reason. I am sure that adorable doggo will get a new family after a superhero comes to the animal shelter that dog is in but still, that dog’s trust got shattered into pieces. This part, in the story, shouldn’t have existed right from the beginning, because these creatures don’t deserve it. They deserve the absolute best for what they all do for us.

Today’s story is about a little pup whose sole purpose was to spread love and happiness and get the same in return but his trust was shattered after she was ruthlessly chained to a tree and had to spend 7 years of his life tied to that tree, powerless.

Luna the dog was adopted by a cold-hearted person who deprived her of all the joyous of life.


Doing the exact opposite of what pet owners do, this terrible owner did not show any affection to Luna. So much so, Luna was chained by this person to a tree in his backyard and the a**hole left the little baby over there chained for 7 long years. Lune was shown no care at all. Even her food wasn’t served in a bowl. The owner would just throw her food next to her on the ground, and she would just have to eat her meals straight from the ground. What else could she do, she had to survive.

It is impossible to imagine what Luna had been through all those years but it certainly wasn’t good for her both physically and mentally.


But as I mentioned, the good is way stronger than the bad. It takes time to arrive at the scene and settle the matter for the good, but the good thing is it does arrive. And same happened with Luna. After 7 long years of agony and waiting, a neighbor noticed Luna was not in a good condition and her health was quickly deteriorating. They instantly knew the dog is not being dealt with correctly and needs help instantly.

The neighbor quickly DAR Animal Rescue and this was the spark that Luna needed to restart everything.


DAR was quick to arrive at the scene and when they tried to unchain Luna, she got terrified. She hadn’t had human interaction in a very long time other than with her owner who would only come to her to deliver the food. So Luna was very shy and wouldn’t let the rescuers get near her. But the DAR team kept trying patiently, showing signs of love and affection hoping that the dog understood that they are not here to hurt her.

Luna soon realized these superheroes were here to save her. She gained the confidence to let them come closer. They wrapped her in a blanket, gave her some fresh food, and took her with them.


The people at DAR noticed Luna was not in a good shape and needed a bath. She was given the longest bath ever and shaved as her fur had gotten really thick over the 7 years of mistreatment. The team also gave her a hoodie to cover herself up until all that fur grew back again.

Luna couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was free from the chains, she was free from the ruthlessness. She was free and she was a happy girl once again.


I admire these people so much. All thanks to them for giving Luna the chance to restart her life. I am so glad she is out of that bad owner’s life. That person should be put behind bars so they can realize the pain Luna went through. Past is over, little girl. It is now time for Luna to shine bright and show the world who she really is. I wish Luna the best of luck in her future. And I am sure it will be a great one.

Here’s to a dog who broke through chains.


People absolutely loved the efforts of Luna’s superheroes who saved her from that evil owner and should utmost gratitude and love:

The worth of babies… is limitless. And pets are just like them.

Luna was never going to spend all her life in those chains. Never.


Well wishes for Luna.

Don’t adopt if you cannot take on the responsibility.


Everyone gave their thanks to the rescuers for saving this little girl’s life and stated the importance of responsibility.

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And please, do not adopt because you want to, adopt when you are ready.


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