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Watch These Dads Eat Their Words After They Said “I Don’t Want A Dog In My House”

When it comes to keeping a dog, our parents are always a little bit hesitant. And for good reason! They spend their lives taking care of us kids and then keeping a dog just means added responsibility to an already difficult life. They require constant care, training, attention and a proper feeding schedule which obviously is too hard to handle for the children.

However, us kids, can’t really help it. Doggos are just too cute! So, we keep insisting. And whilst many other parents might actually give in to their children’s constant whining, Latino dads are on a whole other level. They would give you a million reasons why keeping a dog is not a good idea and how they will not allow it, at any cost. But, they underestimate the power of this magical creature. Doggos can literally make anybody fall in love with them. Anybody! No matter how hard they try to dislike or hate them, they will win over everybody. Like, Latino dads may try their hardest but they eventually fail anyway.

You must be thinking we are just making it up because it’s really hard to convince them? Well, we’ve got proof! These dads did say; “No quiero perros en la casa,” which literally means ‘I don’t want dogs in the house’ but, it was short-lived. Scroll down and you’ll believe what we’re talking about.

1. You know you love them when you are constantly trying to find something nice for them

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Appreciate the gift, lil doggo

2. You know you love doggos…

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When you tuck them in bed, right beside you

3. And here we have another dad who has found the perfect companion

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So much for not letting the dog in the house!

4. This dad who lied

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Tsk tsk, we know you love doggos!

5. Fulfilling your fatherly duties

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Such unconditional love.

6. This dad who is having the time of his life

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We want to be surrounded by these many dogs as well!

7. At first, it’s hard for them to realize how much joy a dog can bring in their lives

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And when it finally hits them, they want to return the love

8. This dad KNOWS what his child wants

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And by child, we mean the dog!

9. Look how adorable this pupper looks in that trolley!

Sitting like a little baby

10. I love my granddog…

And I love my mug that says – I love my granddog

We love how these dads just gave in so easily. But, we already knew they wouldn’t be able to hold back their love for doggos. Has this cleared your doubt a little? Not all the way? Well, good. Because we have many more to go! Keep scrolling and enjoy

11. The doggo gets what the doggo wants

Even if it seems a little silly

12. This doggo shall sit in my lap and eat food

Because those are the rules of this house!

13. If the doggo doesn’t come to you…

You go to the doggo for cuddles.

14. Exercise is important!

For the human.

15. When your dad has a soft corner in his heart for doggos

Well, to be fair, dogs get tired and a water massage is good for them!

16. Your dad was lying!

How can someone say they don’t want dogs and love them this much?

17. Gotta keep the little one entertained

Doesn’t take too long to fall in love with them

18. This dad should get an award!

We love all the efforts he’s putting in for this doggo

19. Just taking the dog out for a ride

Pretty sure the doggo love it

20. Dad: I do not like dogs

Also dad: Let’s see if we can make her dance

That certainly warmed up our hearts! Watching these Latino dads put in so much effort for these wonderful creatures! If only we can convince our parents to keep a dog as well, they’d know how amazing they really are and that there is a lot of potential to love them. What did you think of these dads giving in? Let us know in the comments section below.


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