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18 Times Pets Showed Us Their Mean Side Without Any Shame

Pets are demanding and sometimes show us their mean side with their actions.

Cats are funny, naughty, aggressive, friendly, happy and sometimes they can be very mean. Some cats are difficult to deal with and they give their owners a really hard time. No wonder, there are selfless and loyal pets but there are mean ones too who show us their selfish side with their actions. Today we have compiled some of the photos that will convince you cats also have a nasty side. So, scroll down and enjoy looking at their hilarious actions.

1. Look who just showed up.

© bree613/reddit

2. He wanted to chill outside.


© MetalDogB***Guy/reddit

3. The typical brother-sister bond!


© Grind0r/reddit

4. He doesn’t let us get bored.


© Aliiyoob/reddit

5. When you are jealous of your baby brother for getting all the love from mama!


© gggrreaaat/reddit

6. No shame on his face. Looks so relaxed as if nothing happened.


© vintzent/reddit

7. “My boyfriend was wondering why his room is so cold.”


© ThisIsNotCat/reddit

8. The boy is just playing.


© PhotographyByAdri/reddit

9. When you come back home from work and find this.


© chaicannoli/reddit

No matter how much you train your pet, if you are leaving them alone at home while you are at work, don’t expect them to be good boys. Get back home expecting something new. Pets make a mess when you leave them home alone. You can spend hours rolling up your clothes and putting them in the drawers. Imagine coming back home to this mess. What would be your reaction? Tell us in the comments.

10. Built a dog house but the cat thinks it’s for her.


© RigbysezWoooaaahhh/reddit

11. Why does this bed feel so comfy?

© pumunk/reddit

12. Meet Gazza, who cannot drink water without putting his feet in the bowl.


© Then_Bird/reddit

13. He is so done with life.

© ligmab***1/reddit

14. When you have been thinking why your blinds look like this.


© Crowe_T_Servo/reddit

15. He loves sitting in clean pots and pans.

© etrue805/reddit

16. He lays in front of the door and bites the cat’s legs when he walks through the door.


© DIY_Cosmetics/reddit

17. Is there a thing like personal space?

© cozyfuton/reddit

18. When you get ready for a wedding and step out to sit in the car and see your cat already sitting there locking herself in.


© GuyYeti/reddit

Imagine getting locked outside the car when you have to go out for a wedding. This cat is smart LOL. We are convinced pets are nasty. Have you? Has your pet ever showed you his/her mean side? If yes, share your story with us in the comments below!


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