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40 Hilariously Accurate “Dog People Vs. Cat People” Tweets We All Can Relate To

Since the start, cats and dogs have been associated as the ultimate enemies. This was the start of the cat people vs dog people debate where people all over the world choose their side depending on which animal they like the most and this has been going on since forever. However, according to research, our preference for cats or dogs plays a huge role in determining our personalities. So if you’re a cat person, you tend to be more open, creative, and nontraditional, whereas a dog person is generally seen to be more outgoing and social. According to a psychologist, Beatrice Alba, dog people tend to score higher on traits like competitiveness and social dominance orientation.


This article basically sums up the relationship between cat and dog people. It also defines the love people have for their pets and how they think their animals are the best in the world – no matter what. These twitter wars will definitely make you laugh till your belly aches. No matter how many clashes there may be, after all, we could all agree to the fact that animals make our lives much better and funnier and so this article is for all the animal lovers out there!

So without any further ado, scroll down and make sure to read the whole article till the end. It will certainly bring a smile to your face and will be the best thing you’ll read today!

1. Cats rule the world, basically!

Via anne_theriault

According to cat people, of course!

2. I am an animal lover dude!

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3. Cats are really low maintenance, though!

Via  Affanarchist

4. How hypocritical!

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5. Well, that’s the truth

Via  tnwhiskeywoman

6. Cats can be terrorizing at times!

Via tnwhiskeywoman

Otherwise, they’re the sweetest animal you’ll ever meet.


Via  theeyulelord

Your clothes, your face, your bed, your bathroom – IT’S EVERYWHERE!

8. Carefree cat people!

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Via JoshuaConkel

10. Princess Murder for the win!

Via  imteddybless

11. I can’t!

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12. Village people are the best!

Via  AndrewChamings

They just want good food.

13. The truth has been spoken

Via  GinaValley

14. Um, no caption needed…

Via PaulDock93

However, these silly things make us laugh the most!

15. Wanna be smarter? Get a cat!

Via UberFacts

To all the cat owners, cheers!

16. Really, how dare you?

Via  jon_snow_420

17. Oranges are cute, isn’t it?

Via  AGhostlerer


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19. Dog people vs cat people

Via vivalatony

20. Oh that’s not something to miss out on!

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According to research, cat people were found to be 11% more open-minded than dog people, who are 13% more agreeable, 11% more diligent, and 15% more extroverted comparatively. Beatrice Alba, a psychologist, believes that even though there are significant statistical differences between dog people and cat people on some of the psychological measure, the size of these effects, however, were not very huge. Isn’t it interesting? Other than that, I’m sure you’re loving the tweets so you may continue with the article as we’ve some more hilarious tweets for you to read and enjoy!

21. Cats are just humble like that

Via ellle_em

22. Cats bringing the country together

Via eligit

23. How cats and dogs differ!

Via clhubes

Beatrice’s research found that “dog people scored significantly higher than cat people on competitiveness, and a characteristic called Social Dominance Orientation. This is essentially a preference for hierarchy and the belief that some groups of people should dominate other groups of people.”

The researchers concluded that “people prefer pets that complement their own personalities, so someone more inclined towards characteristics related to social dominance should prefer a more submissive pet, like dogs.”

In the meantime, “Those who are not so attached to hierarchies and ranking highly within them may be more inclined to like cats, who we all know defer to no one,” Beatrice concluded.

24. Really?

Via ellaharg

Molly De Voss, a certified feline behaviourist, says that dog people “tend to be more “outdoorsy” than cat people,” but she added: “that said, I like to hike—with my cat, of course.”

Furthermore, “more women tend to own cats than men—partly because cats are seen as feminine and dogs more masculine; and partly because cats gravitate to women more because their voices are in a megahertz range similar to their meows.” Molly also noticed stronger feelings about felines since “more people (usually men) really dislike cats than they do dogs.”

“I think that may limit a single woman’s opportunities in the dating pool—especially if she has multiple cats. However, I have several male cat-owning clients who are neither gay nor neurotic, so obviously, there’s no 100% stereotype that fits all,” Molly concluded.

25. Cats are really social ‘animals’

Via ProZD

She must have a lot of friends then!

26. Another perspective!

Via TheWeirdWorld

27. At least!

Via ComedyCentral

People people are plain boring!

28. Well, it’s better to admit the truth you know!

Via  MaraWilson

29. How could do?

Via justcaem

A study conducted by the psychologist Samuel D. Gosling from the University of Texas in Austin, in which 4,565 people were asked whether they were dog people, cat people, neither, or both, tried to answer these questions.

Gosling concluded: “There is a widely held cultural belief that the pet species—dog or cat—with which a person has the strongest affinity says something about the individual’s personality, and this research suggests there are significant differences on major personality traits between dog people and cat people.”

The research showed that dog people were usually 15% more extroverted, 13% more agreeable, and 11% more diligent than cat people. It also showed that cat people were 11% more open-minded.

30. This is hilariously true!

Via Joaoninguem_art

31. Cats are super clingy

Via queensandal

and YES, it is super annoying at times

32. Well, the end escalated quickly

Via Soren_Ltd

33. Summed up in a nutshell

Via paperbeatstweet

34. LMAO

Via wokedrugguy

This is so true lol

35. What a brave kitty

Via TomKilianArt

36. It hurts man…

Via DenisHolton

Now even cats will reject us?

37. Cat breeds don’t matter

Via AliKolbert

’cause all of them are cute!

38. Hmm, interesting

Via simonsinek

Which one are you?

39. Everyone should own a cat then!

Via hleneeh

At least it will teach you something useful

40. Exactly!

Via SethEverman

This hilarious article comes to an end here. It was surely crazy reading all the tweets about cats and dogs and how people come forward to defend their favorite animal. It is heartwarming to see humans giving so much love and admiration to these animals who want nothing but just a caring home. Animals are one of the best creatures on earth What kind of a person are you? We would love to hear it out from you so comment below and do let us know!


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