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22 Funniest Dog Pics That Are Proven Cure Sadness

We’ve all had a rough year, and it does not seem to end just yet. Apart from the pandemic, there are so many other things that are going wrong that it just gets too much to handle. If you can relate to all this and are going through something unimaginable, we are here to help you out. We understand going through a constant period of sadness is not such a pleasing thing. Hence, we’ve got something that will cheer you up in seconds!


Now, you don’t really have to be a dog person to enjoy these. These pictures we are just about to show you are enough to put a huge smile on your face. These goofy creatures will definitely turn your gloomy day around. And we all need that! Especially right now. For us, we can look at these for the longest of time because of how adorable they are.

Don’t believe us? Have a look and be the judge yourself!

1. Not sure why they decided to put this poor doggos head in the bowl…

Via © DJM30w / Reddit

And why is the hooman not helping, tsk tsk!

2.  “Guess what happens after you shave your dog…”

Via © keikoku / Imgur

He turned into a little hooman.

3. The face you make when your friends crush walks by.

Via @meglizf

‘You like this one, don’t you?’

4. “This is what I see when I wake up, and his face when he realizes I’m awake.”

Via © lostcatfoundcat / Reddit

I’d love to wake up to this face, everyday!

5. Umm, not the brightest one of the bunch.

Via © voodoo_chile_please / Reddit

It’s okay, we love you all the same.

6. “i put my dog on the trampoline for .3 seconds and she became an electric type pokemon”

Via @mfsixteanine
Via @mfsixteanine

Not sure if your dog has realized what has happened to her.

7. Is this another type of cat?

Via © Unknown / Reddit

No doggos were harmed in the making of this pictures…

8. They are both just scared of each other.

Via © no_one_cares_for_you / Reddit

“What kind of dog is this!?”

9.  Oh, hey there, new neighbor!

Via © TheNotorious_F_I_S_H / Reddit

How you doin’

10.  “My girlfriend and her friends tried to take a group photo, and Alfie wanted to be in it as well.”

Via © young_filmmaker / Reddit

11. “I was deployed. This was my dog’s very first reaction when seeing me over Skype.”

Via © nekofrog / Reddit

You can’t ever imagine how much your dog must be missing you!

Didn’t we tell you these were happy AF? These adorable little munchkins definitely made us smile and happier than we were before. We are sure that is the case with you as well. But! Don’t pick favorites just yet because we’ve got a lot more in store for you! Keep scrolling for more amazing pictures!

12. That’s okay because this one is not a dog.

Via © RatsOfThePlague / Reddit
Advertisement by UDM

It’s a stuffed toy.

13. The happiness on this doggos face when he sees food.

Via © phenomoo7 / Reddit

We can relate, for sure.

14. This how we used to swing,

Via © affeisAFKIRL / Reddit

Until we grew up and couldn’t fit anymore.

15. Like hooman, like doggo.

Via © chuckleoctopus / Reddit

16. Spot the doggo

Via © Elatedonion / Reddit

They have decided to care for him as one of their own.

17. We want to be as content as this puppy.

Via © NikeCaGe / Imgur

Don’t have to care about anything.

18. Playing gone to another level.

Via © Unknown / Imgur

19. “My girlfriend’s dog when someone’s at the door…”

Via © RWails / Reddit

That poor lil one though… ouchie.

20. Get yourself someone who looks at you the way this doggo looks at grandma.

Via © Bob-Sacamano_ / Reddit

21. ‘Smileeee for the camera, bro’

Via © BrodMatt / Reddit

Not amused!

22. “My aunt’s dog finally got her tail.”

Via © Tubastadium / Reddit

Mission = Accomplished

Sadly, we’ve reached the end! But, that’s okay because we will be back with much more. All you have to do is let us know that you enjoyed this as much as we did and we’ll make sure we provide you with an endless supply of happy doggos! Let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this with your loved ones to make their day 1000% better!


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