25 Extremely Dramatic And Mischievous Cats Will Make You Laugh

We love naughty kitties!

We all know how moody these creatures are and they also happen to be very unpredictable which is a very scary combination. They will love you one minute and scratch you to death the second, having a cat is a very thrilling and amazing experience. There is not a single animal half as good as this one. Their moodiness, their dramatics and their cute antics can be too much for us to handle but I can not blame them, they were once worshipped by people as gods. They are still very royal and we have to deal with it. Keep on scrolling down to see how dramatic a cat can get…


1. I will do all the cutest things I know to distract you from work, my dear hooman.

Image Credit: © xblade724 / reddit

2. This is such a humanly cat. So weird to see it stand like that.


Image Credit: © Lemon_pop / reddit

3. Where is the cat? Do you see it anywhere?


Image Credit: © unknown / imgur

4. This is what you get for stealing my hooman.


Image Credit: © Slothkitty / reddit

5. Uh, oh. Our hooman caught us…


Image Credit: © icant-chooseone / reddit

6. So relaxed and calm.


Image Credit: © amorr9 / reddit

7. I am not letting you go, I thought we were in this together?!


Image Credit: © catasters / tumblr

8. Showing his fangs to scare you off, better not try your luck, hooman.


Image Credit: loki_kitteh

9. This is proof that cats are actually liquid, no matter their size or shape, they can fit anywhere.


Image Credit: © Laiinkyree / photobucket

10. I swear, these animals are such amusing and unpredictable creatures. Having a cat is so entertaining.


Image Credit: © lilred181 / reddit

11. I am sure they sleep in small places just to give their owners a mini heart attack trying to find them everywhere in the house.

Image Credit: dexter_cat_and_his_human

12. I think it is time for this dog to go. Goodbye, unwanted roommate.


Image Credit: © Boomiaa / imgur

Cats really amaze me all the time, you never know what will they do the next moment. It is always a shock with them and I find it very thrilling, I love it. People who think cats are calm and careless need to know that it is partially true but they are also very hyper, energetic and chaotic. They are super possessive and they are very sensitive. Having a cat is surely very amusing. Keep on scrolling down…

13. Cats will chew on each and every little thing in a household.

Image Credit: © schizoid_21 / reddit

14. Nothing can stop them from stealing the forbidden food.


Image Credit: © Boomiaa / imgur

15. They will fight you every chance they get.

Image Credit: © onecrazy88fan / imgur

16. The out of nowhere attacks and jumps are the scariest cat habits, always catch me off guard. They are so unpredictable.


Image Credit: © Simabby / reddit

17. Cats just can not hide their emotions, can they? Just take a look at his annoyed face. Who does this dog think he is, sitting with me like some royalty?!

Image Credit: © StephanieQ312 / reddit

18. Which one should I destroy first? Or should I destroy all of them altogether? Latter sounds like a better idea.


Image Credit: @sorryfor_pretty

19. How dare you brush your teeth without my permission, you hooman!

Image Credit: © inkspecialist / imgur

20. I can not tell if it is his satisfied face or he hates it face. Looks extremely cute either way.


Image Credit: © eric_and_ollie_ / Instagram

21. Cats love to sleep on you, they love to do these kinds of stupid things.

Image Credit: © tikitessie / reddit

22. They find the most random and weirdest places to lounge. I mean what is this?!


Image Credit: © DisRuptive1 / reddit

23. This is such an adorable picture, I love cuddly cats. The best kind!

Image Credit: © wddolson / reddit

24. You can literally see how jealous this one is. Cats hate sharing their owners, they want their undivided love and attention all to themselves.

Image Credit: © nanatalada / reddit

25. Jealous little kitty. I love how possessive cats get for their owners.

Image Credit: © lindalinh / reddit

I just love how all of these cats are so dramatic and moody. They perfectly represent what it is like to have a cat as a pet. What do you love about cats? Comment down below…


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