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20 Dog Posts That Work Better Than Antidepressants

The world has become a very dark place.

I think we all need some time off now. This year has become traumatising for all of us. It started off really well and we thought we might actually settle down in life this time. But that didn’t really go as planned. From the pandemic to the purge within a week this May, things are just going downhill. People are unemployed and the whole world is stressed out. We all just need a little positivity and a break at the moment.


Do you want to know what cures depression and stress more than anything else? A furry canine baby! If you own a dog, you have already made your life a million times better. There is no better companion or support than a doggo. They are considered man’s best friends for a reason. Their shenanigans will cheer you up and keep you distracted from all the stress. So, if you were having a bad day, you’ve come to the right place! Scroll down below to see some wholesome dog posts that work better than antidepressants:

1. “She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again.”

© Lobbyse/reddit

2. Husky Parkour


© Houseofcards32/reddit

3. “My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day.”


© alexacoh/imgur

4. This is Sammy. Sammy loves his ball.


© Thalilalala/reddit

5. “SHHHHHH… A squirrel…”


© Macho-Grande/reddit

6. “Told my dog, Ashe, to sit on the log and this is what I got.”


© redsoxfan1001/reddit

7. “I looked outside and he wasn’t there. It took me a minute to find him.”


© Veered/reddit

8. “My good boy still enjoys his ball.”


© Duh_Vid/reddit

9. “Someone made a new friend on our walk this morning!”


© gambino13/reddit

10. Look, Dad! I’m a shrubbery!


© icanhazpbr/reddit

Dogs are all that is pure and precious in this world. I don’t know what we have done to deserve them. They are so wholesome and innocent. We must protect them from all kinds of evil on this Earth. And in return, they will give us their unconditional love and loyalty. It is a fair trade. If you don’t have a doggo in your life, adopt one, and thank me later. They will change your life for the better.

11. “My dog always brings me a shoe whenever I get home.”

© wibze/reddit

12. Look at that cute little face!


© sonnyjbiskit/reddit

13. Caught red-handed.

© anonymouspipline/reddit

14. “Their faces right before I get the tennis ball out…”


© Gs1000g/reddit

15. “Can we buy them all?”

© Roush14/reddit

16. “Played with the charcoal bag, and I don’t regret it.”


© xsuperbz/reddit

17. “10 seconds after I explained that they weren’t allowed in the water.”

© Shortsleevedwarrior/reddit

18. “Brought this guy home last night, this is how he fell asleep.”


© Ooohmydingdingdong/reddit

19. “My sister’s child”

© NainTestin/reddit

20. “My puppy made some new friends at the dog park today.”


© GallifreyanHusky/reddit

Did these help uplift your mood a little bit? Share the happiness with your friends and give us your feedback in the comments below!


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