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10+ Dogs Who Fell Asleep In Hilariously Awkward Positions

Your sleeping position can reveal a lot about you.

You might have heard or seen that on Facebook ads but it is actually true. However, it also applies to dogs. While cats are infamous for napping in weird positions that would break any normal human beings back, dogs aren’t far behind. It seems some dog love to sleep in what can only be described as ‘uncomfortable’ positions.


From not knowing how gravity works to sleeping upside down, we have a lot to cover today. These doggos will sleep anywhere but their own beds. Get ready for a few laughs as you marvel at their majestic ‘balance’ and ‘etiquette’.

#1 Gravity.exe has stopped working.

Via soniakaponia

#2 Can you scoot the heater a bit closer?

Via formight

#3 Just don’t move.

Via recreationAtion

#4 Why not lie down the right way?

Via atrimarco

#5 When you are not allowed to go on the sofa.

Via blacksunrize

#6 The sun feels rather nice.

Via Guygan

#7 The face of pure content.

Via losper

#8 His neck might be broken.

Via smilkcake

Or he might be a part giraffe. Honestly I don’t know but one thing I do know is that can’t possibly be comfortable. And I would know because I have fallen asleep numerous times in positions similar to this one.

#9 Looks like a comfortable position to sleep in.

Via cadencecleo

#10 Hopefully the vehicle doesn’t start.

Via highimallaudin

#11 Cuddling together.

Via turbojammer

#12 How is that even possible?

Via lifonaut

#13 I might have spoken too soon.

Via deathakissaway

#14 His legs are definitely gonna get tired.

Via vividlee

#15 All I see is a big marshmallow.

#16 He has all this room and yet here he is.

Via doctordrayday

#17 The window sure is comfortable.

Via floydthebarb3r

#18 He’s inviting us to scratch his tummy.

Via therealpaningning

#19 My butt is the only part that needs comfort.

Via EnglishLFC

#20 Yes, he is indeed asleep.

Via AUX1_Dub

#21 This chubster just likes to be squished.

You might think he is adorable which he is. But the reason he is not sleeping ‘properly’ is probably because he has breathing problems due to overbreeding.

#22 I like something over my head, preferably a chair.

Via SteeVeeJoe

#23 I think you have a defective model.

Via Soulrebel84

#24 This corner is perfect for me.

Via drop_fred_gorgeous

#25 He just loves insects flying in his mouth.

Via GeorgiaLAX

#26 This guy needs some massages for his ‘wrinkles’.

Via RawberrySportcake

#27 How are his paws not tired?

Via HaveAMap

#28 Just checking gravity.

Via probmatic

#29 I will fall if you move.

Via Carbman

#30 The nose is keeping him balanced.

Via vz77

I have always wondered how pets seem to sleep in any position they are in the moment they get sleepy. but then I saw toddlers doing the same thing and realized something. They just don’t care and or are not smart enough to know that it’s not really comfortable to sleep sitting up.

#31 This one is relatively normal compared to all the others.

Via Nosleepgaythoughts

#32 See? I told you.

Via CommodoreGonzo

#33 How most people sleep in real life as well.

Via wolfgangamadeusme

#34 That would scare anyone.

Via reddit

It was slightly unsettling to look back and find my dog sleeping like this.

#35 Does he want a hug?

Via ynda k kierans

#36 Food can make anyone lazy.

Via yayadee17

#37 Is the guy taking a picture of the dog’s butt?

Via Hammelicious

My gf’s dog likes to sleep on my lap and constantly fart in my face.

#38 Makes perfect sense.

Via ConnardDeBase

#39 I have no idea what is happening here.

Via pinkilevinki

#40 Toilet seems like as good a place as any to take a nap.

Via ImQueative

That might be because bathroom tiles are much cooler, especially in summer.

#41 This how pregnant women sleep as well.

Via CallABondulance

#42 The other doggo doesn’t appreciate that.

Via Poached_Polyps

#43 What else is he supposed to do?

Via milcientoonce

#44 The bed is too small for him.

Via overtheedg3

#45 Sometimes you forget to close your mouth.

Via lilly_willy

We were playing and he just fell asleep chewing on his own leg.

#46 He sure is flexible.

Via TheBestAtWhatIDo

#47 At least gravity works on his skin.

Via racanipe

#48 The kind who likes outdoor naps eh?

#49 Seems like the perfect way to rest.

Via BigPheel

#50 If I didn’t know any better I’d say this one is a statue.

Via Scoopity_Woops

Does your dog sleep in weird positions as well or is he totally ‘normal’? Comment down below and let us know.


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