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18 Doggos Who Are Looking Like They Came From A Rehab Centre After Getting A Haircut

Humans are not the only one who needs grooming. Your doggo also needs it.

Our adorable doggos deserve some pampering as they provide us with unconditional love and happiness. If you would not groom them for a very long time, dirt and dead skin might pile up on their coat which would not look good. It can also make your cute-looking dog sick. Want to get compliments on your dog? Take them to the groomer right away. You will return with a completely new and fresh doggo that is going to make you fall in love with him/her once again. Cutting and brushing your dog’s coat will not only help maintain a healthy and shiny coat but will also remove dirt and dead fur. We love doggo’s transformations and we believe you love them too so we have compiled 18 photos of doggos who are looking completely different after visiting the groomer. Scroll down for some of the amazing transformations.

1. “Our 9 year old golden doodle got her first grooming since quarantine. Our other dog barked at her when she came home”

© terrybroadway / reddit

The other dog barked at her because she looks so different after grooming.

2. “This week is all about transforming yorkies!”


© Lorwo / reddit

What a cute transformation!

3. Snoopy just got groomed.


© SpiritWolf0914 / reddit

4. “Took doggo to groomer. Got a different doggo back”


© Pacman327 / reddit

We got a handsome boy after grooming.

5. Before and after going to the groomer:


© Tracey Hinshelwood / Facebook

6. She looks completely different after grooming. What a cutie!!


© Karla Isanette Centeno / Facebook

7. Boys, take beard inspo from this dude.


© Gwen Diaz-Harlan / Facebook

8. Ready to steal your girl.


© Celicia Kirsch / Facebook

9. From looking like a soft toy to looking like a ball of cotton:


© pawhubgrooming/ Instagram

Whether your dog is small or big, every dog needs grooming to look great. Grooming does not only make your doggo look charming but it will also keep your doggo healthy. Dirt, leeches and germs may hide under the long hair of your doggo so it’s important to cut their hair to keep them safe from illnesses and allergies. Grooming would also help them see and stay active. A groomed doggo is a happy doggo so make sure to get your doggo to the groomer. You would fall in love with your doggo once again after taking them to the groomer.

10. How do I look after grooming?


© hollysprockerdolly/ Instagram

11. He looks like a cloud or a cotton ball:

© mandy.zaragoza/ Instagram

12. Old guy looks so innocent after getting groomed:


© novigrooming/ Instagram

13. After breakup versus in a relationship:

© aimjad/ Instagram

14. From a doggo to a bunny, we transformed this bearded guy:


© pawhubgrooming/ Instagram

15. Meet Sadie who looks so much younger after her grooming:

© javacatanddogspa/ Instagram

16.  Ready for prom night:


© Leafyseadragon123 / reddit

17. When someone underestimates you and you take it seriously:

© marynoella / reddit

18. “From being chewbacca, to becoming a dog again!”


© Lorwo / reddit

Love her ponytail and we are glad that she is finally able to see the world. How often do you take your dog to the groomer? Share your dog’s grooming photos with us in the comment section down below!


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