16 Dogs Prove Size Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Being Cute

Animals are very special to all those who own them and all those who don’t own them as well.

What can I say, pets are so charming that no one can resist but to hug them, kiss them, and love them forever. I consider pet owners very lucky as they get a permanent source of happiness, entertainment, love, and joy in that little guy and they both lie a memorable life taking care of each other through all the ups and downs. That animal will never leave its owner’s side once that inseparable bond is established. That’s what is so special about pets and that is why not just their owners but all of us love them so dearly.

When we talk about dogs, in particular, some of those pets are very quick to grow out very big in very little time. Now the circumstances do change a bit there is no denying that they take up more space, the athletism drops down for some of them because they now have larger bones to carry, and so on. But the factor of cuteness, they somehow manage to maintain that high level of cuteness no matter how big they grow. If we take human babies into account for a second, normally what happens is that a high level of cuteness starts to vanish away as we grow older and taller. That’s just how it is. And one would assume that the same theory would apply to dogs as well; growing big being inversely proportional to cuteness. But no, things work a little differently in the dog world and we have got some very cute and adorable pictures to prove this.

Here are some pictures of big dogs who still look as cute as they did when they were tiny pups.

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1. No matter how big they become, fetch will always be life for dogs.

Via hmmokaywhat / Reddit

2. Yes sir, I am a big boy and I love car rides. We do exist.


Via ittybittykangaroo / Reddit

3. Who says you can’t hug your favorite when you grow big?


Via unknown / Imgur

4. Some habits never change, even if you can’t fit anymore.


Via MelodicTreat / Imgur

5. “He’s big but he doesn’t realize it. Every morning at 5:30 he runs up from his crate to get a few snuggles in before we leave for work.”


Via hairgingernotplantginger / Imgur

6. “Montagne is 10 months old!”


Via Dirkdiglets / Imgur

7. “Big dog meets little cat.”


Via rowlandwiththehomies / Imgur

8. What are you looking at, grandma still calls me pup so I still behave like one.


Via Aegis1984 / Imgur

I really hope you guys are slowly becoming a strong believers that big dogs can be cute too. I mean, age is just a number after all, isn’t it? Ultimately it all depends on how much you want to enjoy your life. These dogs don’t care how big they have become because their main goal is to enjoy life no matter what and I think that’s the approach everyone should take towards life. Wow, we really are learning “How to live a life?” from dogs here.

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9. “Billy, my Old English Sheep Dog, enjoying his first big snow”


Via unknow / Imgur

10. “This guy was born 8 years ago today. He just finished his bowl of vanilla peanut butter and bacon ice cream for dessert. Please wish him a happy birthday!”


Via PA_limestoner / Reddit

11. Taking naps on top of the couch cushion won’t be possible anymore, doggo.

Via tea_bunnies / Twitter

12. “How do you walk a big fluffy dog when it’s raining?”


Via TooLemony / Imgur

13. Who says growing big takes away your fear of sleeping alone, this one still sleeps with his owner every night.

Via hucktoflat3 / Imgur

14. “A Great Dane doing what Great Danes do best”


Via Discojeep / Imgur

15. “Bro, is your car made for hobbits?”

Via mnb1114 / Reddit

16. “Small bed coupled with big dog result in sweet dreams”


Via pita2502 / Reddit

Hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. What do you think about big dogs?

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