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14 Dogs Before And After They Were Adopted By Truly Kind People

Hearing stories of abandoned pups tends to make our hearts feel saddened and hopeless. However, it’s worth it to note that where all these upsetting stories exist, so do people that help brighten up the universe a tad bit more through their kindness. There are an innumerable amount of people that adopted animals that have suffered through traumatic experiences in their lives. These people with their endless kindness and compassion have helped these animals through thick and thin, nurturing them into healthy and happy little balls of fluff.

We have compiled a list of before and after pictures of dogs who were adopted and you will be able to see the drastic difference, clearly! It’s truly amazing what love and proper care can do! Let’s go ahead and take a look, shall we? Keep scrolling!

1. Apollo is a fighter

via © Apollo the Rescued Pit Bull/facebook

Apollo is a beautiful Pitbull who was placed in dog fights before he got rescued by a caring family. He has had plenty of injuries and required a lot of surgeries to help him get back on his feet! You’re a fighter, Apollo!

2. Is this the cutest duo or what?

via © jordankahana/instagram

These cute little dogs, Sedona and Zeus, were found by Jordan Kahana in a hot desert. From there he decided that Zeus and Sedona are gonna be his forever! Now, they have gone to 35 states and traveled 30 thousand miles. Kahana is also famous for his amazing photography skills!

3. Crazy to think that it is the same dog!

via © Paaws Antigua/facebook

Cedar was treated by a rescue team after he was discovered by volunteers on the side of a Golf course. He was given the name Cedar because of the golf course. Even though his road to recovery was long, he managed to maintain his good nature despite the difficulties he faced in recovering. Take a look at that contented canine who has finally found a new family.

4. Lovely smile on both of them!

via © I Am Willow/facebook.

Willow, a small puppy rescued from a Korean meat farm, is a heartwarming incident. The previous owners of this 11-year-old poodle had decided to send him to a slaughterhouse. In return for betraying their pal, they received $20. The Save Korean Dogs charity prevented Willow and more than 300 other dogs from ending up on the dinner table. A few months later, Willow had matured into an adorable canine

5. That happy smile is enough to make someone’s day!

via © ipotfd1/imgur

When her owners no longer needed her, they donated Stellar to a local animal shelter. They had also hacked off her ears of their own accord. When Stella met a loving family, she was able to regain her zest for life.

6. He looked absolutely devastated in the before picture, he looks so much better now!

via © Trio Animal Foundation/facebook

Despite his intimidating demeanor, he is a loving and dependable companion. Police caught this Doberman named Miller after receiving reports of a dog loss in the neighborhood, and he was brought to an animal shelter. Other sick and fearful dogs in the shelter were comforted by Miller’s ability to reestablish communication with other animals and regain their trust in humans.

7. He looked absolutely petrified, now look at his happy eyes!

via © Trio Animal Foundation/facebook

When Shih Tzu baby was found by volunteers he was in a terrible condition. In addition to having matted fur and a frail frame, he also had rotting teeth. But he fought through it all and got his treatments. Now, he is a healthy and happy dog!

8. From despair to pure joy!

via © realware/imgur

On the same day, exactly two years ago, Kaio was discovered abandoned along the side of the road. Today, he weighs in at around 105 pounds and appears to be in excellent health. He is an  Italian Cane Corso and pitbull crossbreed. He enjoys going swimming.

9. A stunning and gorgeous dog gifted with life again!

via © Trio Animal Foundation/facebook

Augustus was found in a really bad condition near Chicago. He had a lot of injuries, a gunshot wound on his leg, and even some chemical burns. He fought long and hard to survive. And only with the love and care of his caretakers, he managed to fight his way through!

10. Look at her cute little tongue hanging out in excitement.

via © Rasengan2012/imgur

When Belle was found there were hundreds of ticks burrowed in the skin of this unfortunate girl, making her frail and her fur in a bad state. Fortunately for Belle, she was able to find new owners.

11. Talk about having a contagious smile, right?

via © loveabulllisa/instagram

The internet helped Meaty find a new home. There is a Fresno Bully Rescue webpage where Lisa found him. Meaty, reminded her of her previous deceased dog. Meaty was adopted by her and now he is always smiling.

12. He looks like a model for a beautiful dog billboard!

via © HerWithAGoldenBell/imgur

Vita was discovered in a Los Angeles trash dump, weary and weighing only 70 pounds. The shepherd had to be treated for several months by the doctors.

13. He looks like such a good, friendly boy!

via © Paaws Antigua/facebook

Coffee struggled for his life and discovered his rescuers on his own, despite the efforts of others. After months of therapy, Coffee blossomed into a gorgeous pup who is now a beloved member of the family.

14. Isn’t she truly a diva?

via © onepicturesaves

This is the scene where Boo was found drenched. Due to her hair being so matted, her legs were firmly attached to her belly, and her feet had been burned by soaking in excrement for too long. Because someone found her and took her to an adoption event, she was able to find a new home. After being bathed and groomed, she weighed only 2.8 lbs.

It really restores the faith in humanity seeing all these dogs finding new homes and being their better selves! So, let’s try to help as many animals in need as we can! Also, if you have already rescued an animal, feel free to share your story with us down in the comments section.


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