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23 Times Dogs Behaved Hilariously Weird And Applied Their Own Logic

Everything, from the biting to the strangest positions and craziest smiles, you think you’ve seen it all before. You never know what you’re going to see when you’re with dogs. It is common for dogs to perform the craziest, most bizarre things that will leave you both surprised and make you wonder what is going on inside that dog’s head. It is common for dogs to behave strangely when they are bored or when they try to get the attention of their owners. We, on the other hand, are fascinated by dogs performing strange things. And now, thanks to these dog owners, we get to view the strangest images of dogs on a daily basis, which is rather entertaining.


From putting on human dentures to sleeping in the oddest postures. From nibbling into a tree’s bark to bursting through the toilet door, there’s something for everyone. Dogs are unquestionably capable of making your life easier. Take a look at some of the most bizarre things that dogs have been captured doing, as reported by their owners. We’ve put together a collection of 23 photographs for you to enjoy.

1. Those legs look like chicken wings!

via © unknown / imgur

2. A literal representation of “to put one’s foot in one’s mouth”.

via © itsjustjollyranchers / imgur

3. “This seems like a perfect place to sit!”

via © Brostrodamus / reddit

4. Dogs and babies just don’t understand the meaning of personal space.

via © NYR99 / reddit

5. Dogs can be comfortable in the weirdest places ever.

via © RealMayer / reddit

6. Hmm! What exactly is happening in this picture?!

via © MeaMaximaCunt / reddit

7. When your owner doesn’t take you on walks, you decide to take matters into your own hands!

via © rson_ieid / reddit

8. Nobody can get angry at those eyes!

via © LandPirateSarah / reddit

9. When mom is coming to get those nails trimmed!

via © MrE32 / imgur

10. Best friends goals!

via © Loopdeloops / imgur

11. This doggo must not want to share this ball with anyone.

via © natezim / reddit

12. The only thing missing is a glass of champagne!

via © Kona_Dlite / reddit

13. Aww! This little cutie is super attached to this brick!

via © itsthymee / twitter

14. Dogs will rest literally anywhere.

via © unknown / imgur

15. “How do I look with human teeth?!”

via © whatsuppussycats / imgur

16. A ghost in white!

via © CUTEFUNNYANIMAL / twitter

17. “I swear I didn’t do it, mommy!”

via © everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt / imgur

18. Those blue eyes were surely not expecting anything like this to happen!

via © YogurtParty / reddit

19. Is this dog broken?!

via © unknown / imgur

20. Trying out new yoga positions.

via © TheoSqua / reddit

21. This dog’s happiness is surely contagious!

via © kpintoledo / twitter

22. Scaredy cat.

via © Savicelo / imgur

23. This dog wins the fetch game!

via © unknown / reddit

Dogs are notorious for exhibiting the most unpredictable behavior. When they are around, they have a way of making you want to take a pause and think to yourself “Hold on a minute! What just happened? “….. Did these photographs give you the impression that dogs are capable of the most bizarre behaviors? Do you have any images of your pets performing strange things that you would want to share with us? If you do, please send them.


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