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50 Dogs Who Don’t Understand The Concept Of Hide-And-Seek

Sometimes dogs need to hide from their owners.

It might be because they have ruined something that the family loved or because they don’t want to go to the vet. I think the feeling of dread when you have to go to the doctor is universal and even dogs hate it. While cats are very agile and adept at hiding, perhaps because of their smaller size. The same cannot be said for these doggos.


Either they aren’t the smartest doggo’s around or they don’t understand how hiding actually works. They seem to think that if they can’t see us, we can’t see them. But what it does do is create some hilarious images and the Internet obviously loves anything to do with dogs.

So if you are ready to have a laugh, scroll on below and take a look.

#1 At least he tried.

Good effort. -MichelleReichmann

#2 He is just trying to keep warm.

Via imgur

#3 The butt doesn’t count.


That looks like my dog’s behind. -icarusfeelsgood

#4 All I see is a white rug.


#5 This orientation is really messing with me.


Who’s not a giraffe? -DawnClemons

#6 Nothing to see here.


#7 A bathroom mat, nothing else.

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#8 Ready to play the piano.


#9 ‘You can’t see me.’


She does this when she doesn’t want to go to her kennel! -CyndiAtkins

#10 Are we sure he isn’t stuck?


#11 Whose legs do they belong to?

Yup, this just proves it. Big dogs think they are small and small doggos think they are huge. What else can explain why they are so bad at hiding?

#12 ‘Just take your clothes and leave.’


#13 Taking a nap.

Advertisement by UDM

#14 The bathroom tiles are nice and cool.


#15 ‘I can’t hear you, la la laa.’

#16 ‘I brought you the newspaper.’


#17 Just look at that smile!

Having so much fun, no one had the heart to kick him out of the game. Though we repeatedly tried teaching Frankie the rules of Hide ‘N Seek he never quite grasped them but he looked like he was. -TarynWallace

#18 He just likes the feel of the strings.


#19 He is peeking.

#20 Closing your eyes means you’re invisible.


#21 Are we sure he is not being smushed.

#22 No need to do the laundry anymore.


#23 ‘I don’t want to go.’

No school please. -saimaheshv.b.s.v.

#24 I don’t understand anything in this picture.

#25 Under the bed is the safest place.

#26 ‘My butt is totally not hanging out.’


#27 A lot is happening in this picture.


I didn’t even see that one. -blackroselld

#28 ‘You have snackos?’

#29 Peek-a-boo.


#30 ‘I caught the insect!’

#31 I wonder where the doggo could be.

#32 Just blending into the wall.


#33 Bought along with the groceries I assume?

#34 Every Instagram influencer ever.

#35 Well, That is not very elegant.


Someone should tell these doggos that actually just covering your face doesn’t actually make you invisible and that we can still see the rest of their bodies.

#36 Can he breathe?

#37 Going on a hike.

Trail walker. -saimaheshv.b.s.v.

#38 ‘Im a part of the potted plant.’


#39 All I see are beautiful curtains.

#40 Only chilling on a comfy chair.

#41 He should have applied red dye first.


#42 Under the legs isn’t the best place to hide.

#43 A mix between a panda and a cat.

#44 He is a decoration.


This one isn’t so much hiding as he is trying to be cute. He just wants to pose his best so his hooman can post it on Instagram.

#45 ‘You don’t see me, Hooman’

#46 All I can decipher are stuffed toys.

#47 These doggos don’t know anything about colors, do they?


#48 This one is just showing off.

#49 He is annoyed at the phone’s flashlight.

#50 Somebody help this poor baby.

What do you think of these doggos hiding? Do you think they did a good job? Comment down below and let us know if your dog tries to hide when you have to take them to the vet.


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