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30 Times Dog Owners Spotted Their Dogs Sleeping In The Funniest Positions

Dogs sleep in the weirdest positions and they look hilarious.

Hashtags have become a new thing and people follow hashtags to catch on to the new trends. There is a Facebook group by the name “Dogspotting Society” where doggo-related hashtag challenges take place and we find them really entertaining and interesting. There is this new hashtag going viral in the group and that is  #SleepingDogChallenge and over 64k people are following this hashtag and sharing the photos of their doggos sleeping in the weirdest positions. It’s so fun to go through all of these photos. Although it would not be possible to share all the photos but we have compiled our favorite ones to share with you. Scroll down and enjoy these weirdos.

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1. This puppy is broke.

Via: James Zhou

2. Puppies, puppies everywhere.


Via: Jessica Smith

3. When they love to cuddle while sleeping:


Via: Steve Hannah

4. Who did it better?


Via: Jessica Beadling

We believe the top gymnast should be the winner.

5. That’s how you sleep after partying all night:


Via: Emily Grace Pratt

6. Isn’t it cute seeing a dog and cat sleep together?


Via: Kimberlee P. Waller

7. When you are at work and want to sleep:


Via: Kimmy Kaminski

8. When you get tired in the middle of packing your stuff:


Via: Denise Halstead

Pack yourself and start travelling.

9. When you fall asleep while eating:


Via: Becky Murdoff Sherfey

10. When you can never sleep like a good boi!


Via: Sara Thacker

11. Aww, cutie baby!!

Via: Vala Warren

12. When you want to use the whole space:


Via: Jennifer Bernard

13. Couches belong to doggos!

Via: Alison Regul Flanagan

14. When you hold his little face to give some love and he instantly falls asleep:


Via: Charissa Mialdo Eslao

15. That’s how these triplets chose to sleep:

Via: Danél Jamneck

These bellies deserve some rubs. Seems like doggos have done all the hard work and now they are tired and just want to take a long nap. When your dog is sleeping, you better not disturb him. If you did, you are responsible for whatever happens next. We do not know what it is that makes these doggos sleep in the weirdest yet funniest position. Why can’t they sleep in a normal position? Well, however they choose to sleep, they look the funniest and sweetest.

16. When the bed is taken by your doggo:


Via: Katee Olson

17. Who even sleeps like that?

Via: Alison Rumney

18. When you are too long, so you sleep half on your bed and half on the floor:


Via: Megan Brooks

19. He likes his tongue out while sleeping:

Via: Kassidy Huston

20. He does not care about his bent head, he just wants to sleep and don’t you dare try to fix him:


Via: Audrey Garcia

21. Well, that’s a disciplined position to sleep in:

Via: Erika Calle

22. Stretching, smiling, sleeping.


Via: Makayla Tarver

23. Mom, read me stories until I sleep:

Via: Stuart Crane

24. When it’s cold:


Via: Megha Sharma

25. Sleeping in his bowl:

Via: Rizza Panuncillon Oresco

26. What’s comfier than a laundry basket?


Via: Sarah Williams

27. That’s one liquidy dog:


Via: Scott IsaGrem Lynn

28. He snoozed while trying to catch the ball:

Via: Sara Dillard

29. We love doggos in pants.


Via: Four Bullies & a Cookie

That’s a baby sleeping.

30. When you can’t leave your toy even when you are sleeping:

Via: Rae-anne Corrigan

We hope you had a good time browsing through these doggos sleeping in the weirdest positions ever. Does your dog sleep in a weird position? Comment down to share their photos with us!


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