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20 People Share The Cheap Brands That Are The Exact Same As The Popular And Expensive Ones

For anyone who loves shopping but is always on a budget knows the pain of realizing that some things are too expensive for you. You want to buy them badly, but you would probably be homeless if you do. But no need to worry, we always have alternatives in the big world to compensate for our losses!


Believe it or not, some brands’ whole campaign is about being cheaper and more accessible while selling the same stuff those expensive brands are selling us.

It all started when the user anakrusix asked on Reddit: “Sometimes cheap and expensive items are the same thing with the only difference being the brand name. What are some examples of this?”

Answers started pouring in after that!

1. Exposed!

Via moby323

This is too embarrassing! This medical supplier needs to be cancelled. I guess this is what capitalism looks like.

2. Where does all the military budget go?

Via lalondtm

This is the biggest scam! If they are buying cheap screws from regular stores, then where are they spending the military budget?

3. Cars are expensive for no reason!

Via ShiroFlocke:

This is finalized. All brands and big companies are fooling us at this point.

4. Famous makeup are brands are just scams!

Via 2DayOldOilPaint

Drugstore makeup is the way to go, mates!

5. Of course not!

Via Time_Significance

It is freaking bleach. Why do we need $100 to spend on bleach?

6. Tea…

Via Shelldonix

Tea is hot today!!

7. Get this to the headlines!

Via Randomusername12545

Here is the story:

8. With just a hint of pink!

Via YoMan_DontEatThose

The pink tax is real, folks!

9. Everyone needed to know this!

Via Alienbyd3fault

Sear it in the head, everyone!

10. I think we can all agree here.

Via mrkspartan

11. Good point!

Via bdbaylor

12. Small businesses for the win!

Via justsomelady_3

Gosh, it hits you when you realize how much people capitalize on the smallest things.

13. Brand name does not mean shit!


Via sit_giRL

Beats got hyped up for no reason

14. This is a world of big brands and we are just living in it.

Via LucyVialli

All the products are manufactured in third-world countries. That is what brands do to save costs on manufacturing. Once a brand builds its name and comes into the big leagues, the only difference is its fame. Most clothing items are the same.

15. Words of a wise old man!

Via ThisIsCody_

I wonder what else this old man has seen. They are not lying when they say old people are wiser than the rest of the lot.

16. We are living in a world full of lies!

Via wolfadeus

I do not know what to believe now. My life has been a freaking lie.

17. Good packaging is the key to good sales!



Via ImNotRacistBuuuut:

The cover of the book surely matters. Whoever said inside matters was lying. Packaging is making all sales happen. Whoever is thinking of opening a business should make sure they invest in good packaging and outlook of their products.

18. It is not a special candle!

Via shitted_on_em

If you think your fancy candle is any better than the rest, you are probably wrong.

19. Save your money, buy store-brand cereal!

Via EliseDaSnareChick

This world is just making a fool out of all of us. They sell us fancy sh*t and we buy it. They try to lure us into their fancy trap, and we easily get trapped. We all are just that gullible and obsessed with brands. Do yourself a favour and strip the materialistic thoughts, and try to save up for something useful. You would be proud of yourself later!

Do you have any other examples? Enlighten us in the comments.


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