20 Cats Who Captured Doll Beds With Pride And We Aren’t Even Mad

Cats do everything with a big chest, even stealing.

There is no doubt in the fact that cats will always stand out from other animals and that is because they have a very independent personality, sometimes referred to as fierce, which has sort of given them a free pass to do whatever they want to do. And by now, every cat owner has adjusted to this trait of the cats, and every time they do something rebellious, they are forgiven. And even if they aren’t forgiven, they just don’t care so it’s a win-win for cats.

Cats will do everything with a single drop of regret in their sweat. Be it breaking everything in the house to stealing stuff, their assess do not feel guilt. Today we are going to look at some pictures of cats stealing beds of the dolls. Yes, you read that right. These cats took over doll beds and claimed them like the beds were destined to be theirs.

Scroll down below to enjoy the takeovers.

1. Sorry but not sorry doll, this is my bed now.

Via Almagine / Reddit

2. Tess, Daphne, and Archie own the doll beds like bosses.


Via Unknown / Imgur

3. Dad, you got the small one, I can’t fit in it.


Via hellothereholly / Reddit

4. Biggest floof in the tinniest bed.


Via digitalpretzel / Reddit

5. The views are perfect, the bed looks comfy, the blanket is on. This cat is having the best time of its life.


Via LurleenLumpkin / Reddit

6. A hostile takeover took place that day and now the doll has no bed, the cat owns it.


Via PapiDibble / Reddit

7. They got a doll bed for Christmas. No, it was not for the cat but who are they to decide.


Via Creativehomelessguy / Reddit

8. They had to extend the bed to 3 feet in order for their big boy to fit in it.


Via jasonswan / Reddit

9. Oh my god, these cats have their own bunk beds. So cool.


Via flooid /Reddit

10. Ollie’s sister has a doll and that doll has a bed. Ollie liked that bed so he decided to take it.


Via Lono37 / Reddit

I swear this is so random, cats taking over doll beds and this is still going to go viral. That’s what cat content is all about. No one can hate it and cats just can’t stop delivering. An infinite cycle of entertainment, that’s what I like to call it.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of cats stealing doll beds without any regrets.

11. Looks like the cat is enjoying its sleep on the doll bed.

Via bavingtonmike / Imgur

12. All tucked in, ready to dream.


Via vjloco / Reddit

13. He extends his paws to cover the empty part of the bed so no one takes the spot.

Via Unknown / Reddit

14. Look at Peddy, he is sleeping like a baby on that IKEA doll bed.


Via kkboy_Hsu / Reddit

15. That must be one spoiled cat.

Via kkboy_Hsu / Reddit

16. Not just a bed, this cat has its own room.


Via Unknown / Imgur

17. Owners want to get a bed for their cat so they found this doll bed and looks like the cat approves it.

Via danby86 / Reddit

18. Very cozy.


Via 8pint / Imgur

19. Chilling in her own bed.

Via silla103 / Reddit

20. Cat be like: “This is a doll bed and I am the doll”.


Via BazedNConfuzed / Twitter

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Told you, you just cannot hate on them.

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