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40 Dogs Who Have Real Jobs That’ll Put Your Career To Shame

Let it be the police force or army. From simple desk jobs to complicated tasks like search and rescue, dogs are emerging in all walks. Today, they are working side by side humans to help them in their everyday jobs. No matter the heftiness, dogs don’t back down. They are at our service, both as volunteers and full-time employees. With some training and practice, they able to perform almost any tasks a human is employed for. They are blessed with special senses, like a strong sense of smell. They can literally smell and tell. That’s why they are often seen alongside the police force and detectives.


However, some dogs just have better careers than most of us humans. Sometimes, they are hired for jobs we didn’t even know existed. Let’s find out what jobs are those and how well are they doing at it.

This young man is a bartender.

Credits: CatDamage

“Finn Bartends When He’s Not Helping My Sister With Her Vertigo”

Dogs are also employed in the tech industry.


Credits: LaughNgamez

These guys are being virtualized in “The Last Of Us 2.” They’re good boys.

He’s working hard and keeping people safe in Shanghai as a security guard.


Credits: nikls7

Harvey’s all set for his first day at work.


Credits: rwatkinsGA

“I’m ready! I’m ready!”

This lad is having a great day at work as a service provider.


Credits: kevinowdziej

Such an adorable helper at the Skiing Resort.


Credits: RimmyDims

Little puppy helping people with epileptic seizures. Smart little pupper!

The cutest concierge EVER!


Credits: ghengasaur

He’s a science boy!


Credits: zedscience

“Our Bernese Mountain Dog Visits My High School Kids And Helps Them With Science”

Need a therapist, anyone?


Credits: edorylime

This is Jerry, a registered therapy dog. She has a warm welcoming smile.

He’s a new employee at the gym.


Credits: LadyGlitch

This floofer is a manager.

Credits: rancha9

And she’s good at her job.

This cute little puppy works at a print shop.


Credits: Gabriel_NDG

“My Local Print Shop Has A Dog Working On The Counter”

Ooh! This one’s working at the psychiatrist’s office.

Advertisement by UDM

Credits: katietron

“Sammy Is The Official Emotional Support And Greeter Dog At The Psychiatrist Office Where I Work. Licks And Love Are His Specialties”

Rusty works at the hospital and follows all the work ethics.


Credits: alicemalice13

“This Is Rusty. He Volunteers At My Local Hospital Cheering Up Patients. He Never Leaves Home Without His Glasses And Work Bandana.” “He is so famous and loved by the public, that the hospital commissioned a painting of Rusty to commemorate his work”

This cutie works at the LCC Comfort Dogs.

Credits: comfortdogs

LCC Comfort Dogs is a charity that train dogs to help all those who need love on their bad days. These dogs are sent to the areas and homes that have suffered losses or traumatic incidents within the US. These dogs are serving every day and spreading happiness and helping people cope up with their situations.

Aunt B works for the funeral homes.


Credits: mac_is_crack

This Mini Doodle is a comfort dog. She cheers people who are mourning the loss of loved ones.

WOW! This one’s an explosives detection canine.

Credits: rainycloudy

“Met A Very Good Boy Today, Complete With His Own Business Cards”

Hospital employees.


Look at all those therapy dogs!

All these dogs are coming from such amazing professions. I’m simply impressed. They’re getting professional training and surprisingly they’re doing better than what was expected of them. PéterPongrácz from Department of Ethology, Biological Institute, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary describes his book “The Social Dog, Behavior and Cognition” says that “dogs utilise the information provided by the behaviour of their human and dog companions equally well. Most probably they are capable of learning with the help of several mechanisms, adapting their focus of attention accordingly to the given context, nature of a problem, and difficulty of a task.”

It means that dogs show a observe and learn behavior. When they are put in the company of humans they are constantly observing the behavior of humans in different situations. This quality helps them in getting hired as an employee, working with fellow doggos and humans.

This one’s working at the San Diego Airport. She helps passengers cope with their travel anxieties.

Credits: Ylimeq15

“I regret not snapping a pic of her owner, who was the sweetest old man and was thoroughly enjoying his “job” (unpaid volunteer) just as much as his dog”

This good boy is providing customer service.


Credits: mnopqrunks

So this person shares:

“Very Good Boy Helped Me At The Body Shop Today After I Got Into An Accident. Best Customer Service I’ve Had In A While”

This little dachshund is a mechanic.

This is Biscuit, working as a staff morale officer. *Impressed*


Credits: thecockmeister

Shmoll and cute!

Barney, the assistant at the post office.

Credit: RevolutionaryCommie

“Barney Is An Assistant And All-Round Good Boy At The Post Office In Drumshambo, County Leitrim, Ireland”

A security guard at the bar.

Credits: midimontage

“This Bar I Go To Has A Roof Where The Security Guard Stays In One Spot To Welcome Guests”

Here’s another one from the airport!


Hope works at the airport and gives kisses and candy to the passengers on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it sweet?

This one’s a certified search dog working for BC Search and Rescue.


Credits: ehabanks

“This Is Pickle, A Certified Search Dog For BC Search & Rescue. Here He Is Posing Proudly With A Shoe He Found”

K9 training session.


Credits: duuuk

A new employee at the Funeral Home.

Credits: Catfishsoupp

This is Luna, taking a nap.

“Woof! This is Oreo, and welcome to our store. Woof!”


credit: _acuddlemonster_

“This Is Oreo And He’s The Greeter At Our Menswear Store”

She’s a truffle hunter!

Credits: K931SAR

“My Truffle Hunter With The 18oz Of White Truffles She Found Today”

This puppy is in the police force.

Credits: colexyz

This one’s an employee at Vancouver Airport.


Credits: cre8tors

“Pilot Scares Away All The Birds Who Might Otherwise Come Into Contact With Aircraft At Vancouver Airport”

Look at that sleepy flower assistant.

Credits: Takase_farm

“This Flower Shop Has A Flower Assistant Who Just Needed To Take A Break In A Bed Of Flowers”

Uuno is a video game developer!! *Obsessing over this one*

Credits: Remember__Me

Meet Jax, the official stamp licker at the post office.


Credits: HopeSandoval

He’s a trained digger!

Credits: imjustadudeguy

“My Buddy’s Dog Who Is Trained To Dig Up Sea Turtle Nests So They Can Be Safely Incubated And Set Free After The Hatch”

He’s a sales dog at a hardware store.


“My Local Hardware Store Has A Dog That Follows You Around, And Takes Your Items To The Counter For You”

These guys are lifeguards in Croatia.


Credits: karlo_m

He’s a courtroom employee!

“This Best Boy Helping Children Testify”

This good boy’s a receptionist at the vet.

Credits: 70ms

“I Took My Dog To The Vet Today And Met This Guy. The Sign Underneath Is The Best Part”

And you’ve come to the end of this post, hope you’ve enjoyed these puppers as much as we did. If you know a doggo employee, feel free to share its story with us in the comments below!


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