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21 Photos Of Kids With Their Fluffy Besties That Show The True Meaning Of Friendship

The two purest beings on this planet are without a doubt kids and animals. Nobody can argue with this. And those who oppose are probably not animal lovers.


These two beings share the purest form of love, affection, and companionship for one another. Without wanting anything in return, they give each other all they have. From sleeping on top of each other to sharing spaces and food, they want to do everything together. As they should because we get to witness that beautiful bond thanks to some very vigilant parents who do not hesitate before capturing the moment.

If you own a pet and have a little one at your place, you definitely know what we’re talking about. Right from the start, we can sense our pets’ behavior as extremely protective and caring towards our babies. So much so that they even give their favorite toys to the little humans. Trust us, it’s something we all should witness at least once in our lives.

Scroll down to witness some immense love and cuteness.

1. Just going to casually sleep on my little humans’ butt

Via © Dawn Pankhurst / Facebook

2. Nothing but pure love

Via © Maja Drljaca / Facebook

3. There’s always room for doggos on rides

Via © Ann Mee Caulfield / Facebook

4. Like baby human, like doggo

Via © Annette Gallagher / Facebook

5. If you ever wanna know what real love looks like, here’s proof;

Via © Delia Geanina / Facebook

6. Are you really not going to share, hooman?

Via © Michelle Ferreira Libby / Facebook

7. Ahh, yes, say yes to endless cuddles

Via © Thùy Vân / Facebook

8. The happiness that comes from this kind of friendship >>>>>

Via © Kim Daigle / Facebook

9. You can tell this companionship will last till the very end, no matter how far apart these two are

Via © Meeple May / Facebook

10. The best hugs!

Via © Kerry Goulding / Facebook

Do you think you’ve had enough cuteness for today? Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise. You have not seen enough! These duos were just the start, there are many more that you have yet to see. So keep scrolling for more love!

11. Don’t mind them, it’s just a cute little staring competish between two little ones.

Via © Bindu Vinod / Facebook

12. Size difference isn’t even an issue.

Via © Monica Nogmo Lee / Facebook

13. Always together, even in tiny baskets.

Via © Clare Gilmurray / Facebook
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14. That’s a very odd position to sleep in but we’ll accept it.

Via © Mayla Tiongson / Facebook

15. Study buddies

Via © Mohamed W Elwan / Facebook

16. The expression on this girls face says it all.

Via © Megan Roberts / Facebook

17. The little gentleman, and his life long companion.

Via © Jessie Sanspree Bledsoe / Facebook

18. Sharing the same dream, perhaps?

Via © Helen Houghton / Facebook

19. You just know this doggo is not going to move until its hooman is awake.

Via © Mel WeeHess / Facebook

20. This moment is even cuter when you think about the fact that cats are not very expressive

Via © Sandrine Michel-Germann / Facebook

21. And lastly, here’s a boy with this cow.

Via © Barbara Witlox / Facebook

The adorableness has filled our hearts with warmth! We can’t imagine a more wholesome set of pictures to make our day better. We are sure you share the same emotions! So now, if you see anyone being sad or bothered, you know what to show them to cheer them up! Don’t forget to share your thoughts, and even perhaps some pictures of your favorite animal-human duo, in the comments section below.


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