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People Sent Their Dogs To ‘We Rate Dogs’ & Got The Most Hilarious Result (50 New Pics)

Rating dogs is not an easy job.

After all, every fluffer is so cute that how can anyone give a doggo anything less than a 9 out of 10. So I truly sympathize with the people who manage the infamous account ‘We Rate Dogs’. I am sure you can already guess by the name what they do. People send pictures of their doggos doing various antics and they are kind enough to rate the pupper however they want.


I have no idea why or how this started. Like did this idea just popped into someone’s head while they were eating cereal? We may never know but what we do know is that this Twitter account is the best place to get the most hilarious and amazing pictures of adorable fluffers.

I know you are all itching to see some dog pictures with funny captions. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

#1 Just taking care of the family.

Excellent leadership skills, 2 paws up! -Amanda Panda

#2 That smile is everything.


#3 A very beautiful black rug indeed.


My father’s Labradoodle laying on his tan shag throw rug means tripping and falling while you get looked at by said dog like your an idiot… this happens all the time. -Over Opinionated

#4 No need for a blow dryer.


#5 I can’t pay attention to anything but the curly hair.


That’s not a wave it’s a very dodgy salute…. -Simon Maslak

#6 He didn’t want water.


#7 The marshmallow challenge, taken a bit too far.


Tennis for this dog is just a racquet. -Yvonne Bernal

#8 He is gonna be a soldier one day.


#9 At least they helped each other.


He sure is sportin’ that “lion look” pretty darn good though! -Yvonne Bernal

#10 He didn’t want to take this picture.


What breed is this? -Bob Bobberson

#11 His tongue can do all the work.

#12 When you don’t know how to say sorry.


When you and Bae get into an argument, but you still wanna hold hands…. -Amanda Panda

#13 When you forget about personal space.

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#14 We have a mini-me here.


#15 God has chosen to bestow us with this gift.

Clearly a side quest. -Karen Colburn

#16 Two dogs mashed into one.


#17 He is probably too high to drive.

Don’t send bunnies we only rate dogs 9/10. -Samuel Jay Brown

#18 Probably should take her to Coachella then.


I think she’s an offspring of the Woodstock generation…. -Yvonne Bernal

#19 I have no idea how he managed to do this.

They said Jesus was coming back I guess he chose to come back as a dog. -Over Opinionated

#20 When you’re hungry for some jacket potatoes.


He’s a provider good boy now fetch some sour cream and chives. -Over Opinionated

#21 If only I was allowed to do that.

#22 He just likes to eat little trees.


All fab dogs eat broccoli.

#23 If only humans were able to do that.

Ironically, its the tail that gives him away. -Melody Lanzatella

#24 ‘Are you having fun hooman?’

#25 When you try yoga for the first time.

Trying to nail the downward dog lol. -Lorraine

#26 He is looking a bit scary.


#27 The back is gonna complain later.


All that floof! aaaa so cute!

#28 That face looks so content.

When that pizza arrives, and you catch a sniff of that pizza box. -Amanda Panda

#29 ‘Another swing please?’


#30 ‘What do I do now? Put it in rice?’

Dog- Are you assuming my gender? -JEFF THE KILLER

#31 This doggo knows nothing.

#32 I would like to know the cost of this package.


Cue Popcorn Tornado in 3…2…1… -Kevin Moore

#33 She’s gonna be the prom queen for sure.


#34 Trying to lose that fatty rolls.

#35 She wants unlimited amount of pets.


#36 Always ready for the job.

#37 How has not been on the cover yet?

Made me laugh! -Marieange

#38 When your back is tired.


When you had one too many. -Over Opinionated

#39 Oh no, what is she going to do now?

#40 A very handsome doggo.

This is a shark, not a dog! -Francis Divina

#41 She is a bit shy as well.


#42 Nobody tells this baby to smile.

Lol didn’t know I share a name with a dog that also reads! -Lucy Sharp

#43 Regretting life choices right now.

#44 Unicorn and a dog combined into one.


It’s a gift from God, a very endangered species and we must save it!

#45 The most comfortable place to nap.

#46 After a hard night of drinking.

The eye reminds me of Interview with the Vampire. -rai mei

#47 When it’s very hot outside and the air-con is broken.


#48 It must be in the millions.

#49 Me when I get onto the scale.

#50 I believe I can fly.

Do you think these dogs were rated fairly? If no what rating would you give them? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so others can rate these adorable doggos as well.


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