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20 Dogs Who Got Extreme Makeovers And Made Their Owners Scream “WHO’S THIS”

Everyone needs a good makeover sometimes.

When you get a pet, you have to take full responsibility for it. You have to prepare its meals and proper timings, give it attention, play with it, take care of its health, and groom it. You have to basically treat it like a baby. Now nobody wants to keep their baby stinky and unclean right? You have to clip their nails, give them a haircut, give them baths so they don’t have any dirt on them and look clean. This is the same case with pets. You have to constantly groom them so they stay neat and clean and most importantly, cute. Sometimes people can get busy with their lives and forget to take their pets too their groomers. When your pet’s hair has grown really long and has become dirty, seeing them after a grooming session can look like a miracle. If you do not believe in miracles, scroll down below to see some miracle pet makeovers:


1. “Our dog Jojo before and after a much-needed haircut”

© ryebread0507 / Reddit

2. “I don’t know how it happened, but the groomer gave me back a shrimp instead of my fluffy puppy.”


© eltnojohn / Reddit

3. “Mom said we’d be lucky if the dog let us give her a bath or a haircut. I think this a success.”


© mmmmbakedbean / Reddit

4. Just two neat dogs.


© imhereforfun97 / Reddit© dblan9 / Reddit

5. “Billy came home from the groomer as a completely different doggy!”


© jeremyrennersucks / Reddit

6. “She’s my Claire Bear before and after getting a haircut. She’s 13 years old, but is still enjoying life.”


© charliecav / Reddit

7. “My big guy has maintained a healthy weight for a year and a half. He went to the groomer today and is looking extra handsome now!”


© MoreDinosaursPlease / Reddit

8. “Fergus is beardless after getting a haircut.”


© SeanMcL216 / Reddit

9. “Before and after a haircut — she looks like a totally different dog!”


10. Ready to get by the summers.


© spaznadz888 / Reddit

They are unrecognisable! The before and after look like completely different pets! You can obviously see the changes. The hair or fur has been washed and trimmed. The nails have been cut. Some are even wearing new collars. But they all look adorable and cuddly. This is extremely wholesome and just what we needed to see today. We are not done just yet. We are only halfway through the transformations. Scroll down below for the rest:

11. This pupper transformed completely.

© vallerina_ / Reddit

12. “My 13-year-old dog, Archie, before and after having visited the groomer — he’s practically a new dog!”


© Daphne666 / Reddit

13. This isn’t the same dog.

© AppleTStudios / Imgur© catahoulalab / Imgur

14. He transformed into a clean boy.


© Red_1977 / Reddit

15. It looks like this doggo got a bath.

© McFeely_Smackup / Reddit© AlaynaMachel / Reddit

16. “A labradoodle with a lion haircut! Many people called 9-1-1 to report the ’mini-lion’ roaming the streets.”


17. “I’m pretty sure the groomer gave me back the wrong dog.”

© RobLeveille / Reddit

18. “My dog got a haircut after 4 months.”


© Eleni-freeman123 / Reddit

19. “Sundance almost looks like a new dog after his haircut.”

© sewing_magic / Reddit

20. “I asked the groomer to trim my dogs. There was a slight miscommunication. Now they won’t be able to go outside for a while.”


© SuchaPunchableFace / Imgur


Has your pet ever gotten an extreme makeover? Show theirs before and after pictures to us in the comments section below!


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