30 Dogs Who Made Wrong Choices Got Themselves In Odd Places

Dogs can be a handful at times.

Those who own a dog or are familiar with them would know they are very excited little creatures. Dogs absolutely love adventure and the whole concept of “think twice” just doesn’t apply to them. They just want fun and joy. A life every person on this planet wants. Look at these dogs achieving our dreams. Proper champs!

‘Life choices’ is such an amazing and deep topic. One could talk about it for ages and new information would keep popping up, but we are going to keep it very simple and restricted to the dogs here. See often humans make life choices based on the consequences they will face after a certain choice is implemented or a certain decision is taken. Yes, we do take irrational or impulse decisions but the probability of that happening is very low because we have this ability to realize consequences. Who doesn’t have this ability? Our very own doggos. Their thought process is only limited to a decision and no thought is given to what could possibly happen after the decision is taken. Here the probability of impulse decisions is actually very high. Usually, a doggo bases its decision on perceives outcomes. And by the outcome, I mean fun and fun only. That “fun” sometimes get them in real trouble. And the outcome then becomes fun, for us viewers.

Today, we have compiled some instances where you can see some dogs regretting their choices and getting themselves stuck in various places and situations.

Scroll down below for a laugh. But I am sure you feel definitely feel a little for these cuties as well.

1. A kitty once told me hammocks are really fun to chill at.

Well, you should have known that your biggest rival on this planet gave you that advice, dummy.

Via TheDonCuffy

2. Perhaps Mr. Sherlock Holmes right here spotted a treat.


Via gloweblue

3. Regrets! Regrets! Regrets!

I can fully feel what this doggo is going through right now. I used to read every single prayer every time I went through a tunnel slide.


Via SoIgotthatgoinformewhichisnice

4. Umm Dad? I have fixed the light. Now can I get some help?


Via nurse_a-hugs

5. A cute Shiba Inu struck in the bushes.

Look what getting a good view gets you into.


Via yamamochi223

6. When you take “fetch” a little too seriously!

Poor guy can’t even bark for help. Thank God the owner noticed.


Via SaintFrost

7. Bloody hammocks!

Imagine untangling completely messed up earpods. Now add a dog into the situation.


Via alt-jh

8. This dog had a vision. To beat the world record at 200m obstacle course.

Seems like the preparations are up to speed.


Via totallynotabear

9. The diving part was fun but I think I just stepped on someone’s poop.

That face is what instant regret looks like after an impulse decision. You know that dog is going to be terrified of toilet seats for the rest of its life.


Via athanathios

10. I thought I was Tarzan. Not anymore!

Not the best of ways to realize the truth. I am sorry, pupper.


Via mynameisjacky

11. Here’s a dog who you can’t see because it’s stuck in the sofa covers.

How even do you get yourself into such a situation? Only dogs!


12. Anything would work when you feel cold. Even the sleeves of your Mommy’s sweater.

It is actually very true. In the time of need, you really don’t realize the trail of messes you are leaving behind. It only happens until after a situation has been resolving that the next one is waiting for you right at the dor step. In this case, I think Mommy needs to say goodbye to the sweater in order to get the dog out. RIP sweater, you served the dog well.


Via shanel3rannan

13. When bucket list goals go wrong.

All that for nothing?

Via woofle07

14. I am just going to sit here until someone sees me and saves me from this natural disaster.

When you try to play cool a wrong decision.



15. The Roomba did this to me.

Dogs and anxiousness! Together they generate very hilarious moments at times.

Via magichour

I am dying laughing here at all these dogs. I am way too evil and I know the hell is calling me, but come on, don’t tell me you are not laughing. To be fair though, who am I to judge these dogs. I, myself, have made way too many regretful life choices. These, that we just saw, seem very little in front of the situations I have gotten myself into. Okay, I feel sad now.

Let’s continue watching these dogs taking some regretful impulse decisions! Scroll down below to enjoy!

16. *Excited for his first slide* *All sorts of regrets ensue midway*

Those eyes… the poor guy is regretting all the life choices that got him to this exact spot.


Via dscz20

17. Look, Dad! I got you a new chair to sit on. You just need to get me out of it first.

You know how we sometimes become our stubborn selves and decide to do something that won’t work best for us. I think this is exactly what happened. Dog wanted to pass through the chair and not by it. At least the family got a brand new chair.

18. Nothing to look at here. Just another dog making terrible choices.


19. I got this…I got this…Oh no!…too big…too big…*pop*


20. Mistakes were made that day.

One tiny space. One tiny dog sees it as an opportunity. Trouble = made! Decisions = regretted!


Via carbamazepine

21. A very adventurous soul entered this dog. But only for a few seconds.

Dad, a little paw here?


22. This dog thought this is the right way to get upstairs.

Why would you? No, you know what, I’d rather not argue here.



23. Regretting all life choices in 3…2…1

Hmm! kowalski analysis!


24. Now that you’re done laughing on my ass, can I get some help?

Were you planning to wear that for Met Gala?


Via u/touchfeel

25. Caught red-handed…or pawwed in this case.

One shoe that caused public shaming for life.

Via DamianaPociapowicz

26. I was just trying to have a good time, you know!


Via TankVet

27. Excitement = Mistakes!

Look at that dog’s expressions. It looks so satisfied with what it has done.


28. Let me try and see how coffee tastes like if I drink it like Daddy!

It tastes like wrong choices and getting stuck in odd situations.

29. Instant regret but too late to let Mum know.


Via GleamTheCube

30. A secret meet-up gone wrong.

Via smease

So the lesson here, kids, is to rethink all your choices at least 7 times before you implement them. All these moments were actually very hilarious but a part of me that absolutely loves dogs is kinda feeling bad for them. I hope all of them are safe and okay.

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