33 Spoiled Dogs Living The Most Luxurious Lives Ever

These dogs are living a life way better than yours.

That statement was not aimed at you guys by me to make you jealous. Definitely not. If anything, the dogs we are about to see put my entire life to shame as well. My father made all those struggles for me to become an educated person and make billions by the age of 25. Whereas these dogs own their own cars, even private jets and some of them aren’t even a year old yet. If you guys are planning to quadruple your existential crisis, you are at the right place because these spoiled dogs are definitely living a better life than almost all of us.


Let’s calm our nerves for a second and talk about dogs a little and why do they get all these perks. Dogs are extremely adorable. I know nothing is perfect but god made dogs an exception. They are no less than best at everything. From being melodramatic just to get extra food to being extremely protective and possessive of their owners. I swear, dogs literally do not care about their lives when it comes to the safety of their owners. That is the level of loyalty we are talking about here. . Dogs are extremely protective of their owners and love them like their biological parents. I am sorry I couldn’t think of a better reference but you guys get the point. Now imagine your doggo doing all that stuff for you, keeping you lively and entertained at all times, do they not deserve to be pampered? I think they absolutely deserve it.

No wonder dogs are the most adopted animal on the planet. Based on statistics, there are 1,600,000 adopted dogs in this world. And I’d say the majority of them are very spoiled. Ready to meet these fancy-ass good boys? There are very high chances you guys may begin contemplating some life choice but it’s okay, we are all in this together.

Scroll down below to watch these 35 spoiled dogs having the best time of their lives.

1. I even offered money to my artist friend to make a portrait of me and still got rejected.

Honestly, this is so flossy. A dog has its own painting, that too made by a professional artist. Spoiled on another level.

Via MakesEthanol

2. A whole ass cake? For me?

Even the dog is surprised by the level of pampering its daddy has been doing. Slow down, human.


Via tastyhouse

3. When the drama queen requires attention.

Imagine me doing this to my father. He will kiss my cheeks, but with a bloody sandal.


Via MinervaZive

4. This is just absurd!

Imagine getting to enjoy such a view and even have a pillow to rest your face on just for that extra bit of comfort. I personally won’t imagine because it hurts me.


Via Fatburger3

5. Special treatment!

Animals love affection that involves food. You have cracked the code, human.


Via wilstouff

6. Her own couch?!

I am still trying to process this.


Via Alythuh

7. That is so unnecessary…

Don’t you think it is kinda weird to have the face of someone you love printed on your blanket? Well, I guess it is the norm among rich people and their rich dogs.


Via nicholasaaronpurvis

8. Graduated in B.S. Puppy Education with a CGPA of 3.99.

That’s about 3 points more than my current CGPA.


Via biancatripp

9. I am not jealous, you are.

How often do you see a dog chilling in a jacuzzi? I’ll go first. Never!


Via Potslol

10. Would you like a cigar, sir?

I didn’t go to the pool once this summer. This is so sad.


Via ThinkFirstThenSpeak

11. Laughing on us.

Such a buje dog! Be right back, need to buy “100 ways to deal with jealousy.”

Via jackratko

12. All hail the king!

That doggo must have done them some crazy wonder to receive such a treatment.


Via stillgray

13. Beep Beep, mofos!

Oh wow, so a BMW now. Is there anything left that a dog cannot afford?

Advertisement by UDM

Via Neil_Paine

14. The whole world watches dogs party!


Via granitetide

15. This doggo manages all the finances for the house.

Or at least that’s what it thinks it’s doing.

Via Strawburry17

If only there was a jealousy meter like one of those voltmeters or ammeters. It would have blown off had anyone attached it to me. Honestly, all these doggos look so sassy and spoiled. Well, they really are the kings and queens and successfully rule our hearts 24/7/365. I believe they have earned themselves this pampering.

But please cute doggos, kindly go a little easy on our poor asses here. Please?

16. A what?

And here I am who has to fight for an extra 5 minutes of sleep. What is life?


Via dogblawg

17. Nothing special here, just a dog who has an umbrella leash.

Via pookiethedachsbear

18. First class. Chicken Bites. Spoiled Dog.

I have to beg my mother for a chicken steak, let alone travel in first-class lol. I am cheap!


Via samsmallinginsta

19. This is heaven. Straight up heaven.

Via popeyethefoodie

20. Birthday boy!


Via dieselrainbowmagic

21. Just a fancy-ass dog resting in its private jet.

How many of them own private jets? Seriously, guys! You need to take a chill pill!

Via richdogsofig

22. Mr. Steal your girl!

Hide your wives, because this doggo is known for its “stealing” capabilities.


Via richdogsofig

23. Happy riding!

I know it’s not nice to compare, but I didn’t get a cycle until I was in my O’Level. Just sayin’

Via Howardval

24. A nice summer afternoon at the crib!

Via bexscowz06

25. Would you like to join me in this fancy ass dinner? I will pay.

Via richdogsofig

26. A whole ass rob!?

So fancy!


Via FluffyFurryBuddy

27. It’s a pawsome day to chill outdoors.


Via oldskewlmusic

28. Here you see a high-maintenance dog, riding its BMW.

Via stella._.maloneReport

29. Ungrat and extra! That’s what the dog is.

I am up for adoption in case you are looking. I promise I obey all commands.


Via stevenberk

30. Don’t worry honey, ain’t no rain touching you today.

Via gensdeparis

31. A party animal!

That dog looks like that one student who has the number of every single girl from the class.

Via ellythecorgi

32. That defeats the whole purpose of “walking your dog”.

Seriously, rich people have got so much money that they are facing a problem with absorption. Ultimately, spoiling their dogs is where they invest.


Via angel_therattie

33. A boat, hmm.

No I am not crying. It’s raining here.

Via niratheshihtzu

Oh wow! What a way to be reminded of your status. Thanks, spoiled doggos. We still love you though. In fact, I am extremely happy that these dogs are legit living the best lives one could. Even better than most of us humans. All thanks to their owners for the special treatment. Yes, that’s what it is. Not pampering, not spoiling, it is special treatment. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. It was really nice feeling jealous together with you guys. Thanks for sharing the pain. Feel free to cry your heart in the comments section down below.


What do you think?