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People Are Sharing Dog Pictures That Will Make You Ask What’s Wrong With Your Dog? (New Pics)

Dogs are easy to love but hard to understand.

Dogs are our favorite to pet but not the easiest to pet. If you are planning to adopt a doggo sooner or later, we tell you in advance that your dog will give a really hard time. No wonder, they are adorable and the most loyal but things are a little different when it comes to actually pet them. Dogs are bossy, clingy, funny and moody. They would rest on your couch as if they own your house. They would go totally dramatic if you ever forget giving them attention for literally 0.025 seconds. Your doggo with his bizarre actions will make everyone around you question “what’s wrong with your dog?”. Today we have compiled a cute list of doggos acting weird that have made everyone question their behavior. Scroll down to check out what they are up to.


1. Bought a dog cam for our dog. He is seen enjoying life in our absence.

Source: Enigmatologists

2. Toy will eat first.


Source: Soumajeetb

3. This doggo makes sure no one is watching him before doing this.


Source: Pazluz

4. This is all of us contemplating life on Mondays.


Source: WeaselScout

5. Believe me I am a sweetheart, it is just the face that makes me look like I am judging you.


Source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

6. I have been thinking where do all the newly bought eggs go. Now I know.


Source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

7. Huskies can be dramatic.


Source: JollyPeaches

8. It’s his 2nd week home and he is learning. We aren’t sure what he is learning but he is learning.


Source: hamsamiches

9. He thinks he is still a baby to fit into my lap.


Source: pribiranedc

10. We offer the best window cleaning services in town.


Source: ElCiscador

11. Meet Cap. He is deaf and doesn’t like bed time. He is a good boy but whenever he does not want to listen to you, he would pretend to ignore signs.

Source: branch_

12. When you ask your friend to take a candid picture:


Source: raamlal

13. Meet Ruby, she pets other dogs at daycare.

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Source: Soumajeetb

14. This is us whenever mama tells us to study.


Source: CruelStick

15. My life, my rules.

Source: meow__meg

16. Meet our new Branch Manager.


Source: Billy_Lo

17. We never forget to stretch every morning.

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

18. Who says dogs are not flexible?


Source: vtreue

19. He likes collecting balls.

Source: ifallupthestairsalot

20. Our Corgi does not like being kenneled.


Source: justfearless

21. Four shades of patting a Husky.

Source: Corgnazo

22. This doggo is too excited to be a part of the protest.


Source: stubbnumv2

23. His new activity is making circles.

Source: MinusXero1999

24. Cushions don’t belong to the sofa but the doggo does.

Source: JurassicPark3DD

25. We assume, he is building his house.

Source: AmerBekic

26. That smile when mama gives you permission to go out with your friends.


Source: Yami-13

Look at the smile on his face, makes us wonder what he has in his head. Did he just get to know our darkest secret? Did he just want something from us? Has he done something mischievous? This one face and so many questions we want answers for. Well, we don’t know that this dog is up to but all we know is melting our hearts with this bright smile.

Doggos aren’t hard to understand for dog owners. Dog owners know exactly what they want and why they are doing certain things. But his behavior will definitely make the neighbors and the passersby ask what’s wrong with your dog? Dogs are known to be the good boys but some are the naughtiest and too hard to control. Your dog might go and just be playing with the rock or pushing his face in the cushions of the couch until it is no longer visible and you would have no explanation for his/her behavior.

27. We have a dirt eater in the house.


Source: MissChocolateCHIP

28. This is us on Sundays with our fluffers.

Source: 901ivyy

29. When he is trying to steal the remote controller from you but gets caught.


Source: Coyoteladiess

30. She shreds her toys and carries them around her eyes. When you ask her to find her eyes, she comes back with one of her shredded toys.

Source: bringthepuppiestome

31. It’s funny how he is trying to eat this muffin from the other side of the table.

Source: gamerman2077

32. We have a concert going on at our house. Does anyone want to join?


Source: 5_Frog_Margin

33. When you are too focused watching your favorite movie.

Source: wdwiii

34. Our doggo visiting Church.

Source: Dry_Investigator5020

35. He is causally playing with the neighbors.


Source: SIN-apps1

36. Meet Mogli. I have come back home from work and he has been sitting here like this.

Source: realmxgu

37. Meet Blue who might not be the smartest boy but he is the goodest boy.

Source: I_eat_cement5312

38. Iggy is not allowed on the couch so he is sitting there like that.


Source: iced327

39. My failed attempt to make him vegan.

Source: PierceJames

40. He is sleep-walking like a human.

Source: sco-go

41. Whenever we cuddle, he would come between us.


Source: cenabollywood

42. Jump and jump higher until you get the fruit.

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

43. He is too busy being a derp with his Kong that he didn’t notice the deer invading his property.

Source: SJRain86

44. The derpy Siberian fish dog.


Source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

45. I gave him a pretzel and he put it in his mouth. He has been in this position for the past 5 minutes.

Source: thatdogmom54

46. We were playing with the ball and it was his turn to throw the ball but he refuses to throw it.

Source: bai-ro

47. My doggo being the typical Corgi.


Source: geekyneejah

48. He looks sad today. Guess who hasn’t received attention today?

Source: HatAccomplished8311

49. When you want to drink water but also want the ball that you have accidentally dropped in the water.

Source: Diegox921

50. Why are labs like this? WHY?

Source: dingdongsnottor

51. Doggo enjoying rainy weather.

Source: nasir_ran

52. A collage of my doggo being the derpiest boy.

Source: samalvmb

53. When he is done being cute.

Source: chemistdw

From being the drama queen to being the derpiest boy, dogs have been making people question what’s wrong with him/her? Well, we have gotten used to of this question now and we don’t mind it anymore. We let our adorable dogs be themselves and let them enjoy life. We can’t restrict them and love them just the way they are. Pure, innocent, derpy and weird. We love every version of our dogs. If you are a cat owner, tell us about your dog’s behavior in the comment section below!


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