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19 Dogs Hanging Out With Their New Human Best Friends

Dogs are known to be a “man’s best friend”, right? But after you’d look at today’s picture, that perception of yours is definitely going to change into a dog being known as a “newborn’s best friend”. We can always put our trust in our doggos with our newborns because we know that they will keep them safe and protect them from all the harm! The cutest thing to see is the bond between a dog and a newborn. It is something that depicts so much innocence that it fills a person with smiles and giggles. It is surreal. Dogs get so attached to kids and for some reason, they get more smitten to younger people than the older ones. Don’t believe us? Well, we just have the right proof for you!


On our today’s menu, we have collected some of the most adorable and cutest pictures of dogs chilling with newborn hooman babies and that’s definitely one of the most precious of moments that were captured! So, are we ready? Let’s start scrolling baby!

1. Protect the baby!

Via flowerpotsally via Reddit

Aww, so cute. This big boy is just resting his chin on the sofa making sure he is right by this newborn’s side. It is like he is protecting this baby from all the forces in the world. He just staring at the baby with eyes full of affection and care.

2. Cuddly buddy!

Via restlessmind24 via Imgur

Who needs a dog bed when I have my little human’s tummy to sleep on? And in case you have not noticed, there is another dog who has its chin rested on the first dog’s back.

3. Road trip essentials.

Via pawsofoz via Instagram

The kid is resting and so is the little dog. It looks like the dog just found the best bed for his resting during the trip. If the car ever jumps, the little dog knows that the human will be there to hold him tight,

4. Love at first sight!

Via Wolfez36123 via Reddit

They are looking at each other with so much love filled in their eyes and it is making us teary. There is so much softness and warmth in the intimacy there are sharing here. The dog looks like he just found the best owner or his best friend in the world that he never ever wants to leave. We hope they get to grow up together and their friendship blooms.

5. Dog bed.

Via firemedic8047 via Imgur

These two like to change things a bit. While the conventional way must be to put babies on the bed to sleep, the parents of this baby thought of a cuter way to put their baby to sleep. They have their rottweiler as their baby’s bed. So cute!

6. Your Protector.

Via firemedic8047 via Imgur

If you are scared your little baby will get scared at night, there is a very easy solution to it. Just get a dog and keep your dog to sleep with your toddler every night. Toddlers who sleep with dogs sleep way better than those who do not have dogs around them.

7. Who needs a nanny when you have a dog

Via FramingHips via Reddit

Is your toddler not sleeping well on any bed pillows? Exchange the pillows with your dog! They are comfier than those factory-made pillows and bring more warmth and love to the table. Your newborn will just snuggle in and also get some love. Your dog will probably be more comfortable sleeping with tiny humans instead of their own bed too!

8. Human as a personal pillow

Via Kronikle via Reddit

This dog finally found a sleeping buddy. Everyone else in the house just works and works all the time. They are always hustling or going out to the office. No one understands the importance of just lying down and resting. But then this little human came into my life and I found a partner in my sleeping endeavors. I finally feel understood and heard. This is the only being who seems to enjoy resting as I do

9. My little human

Via gulfambatool via Reddit

Cuteness overload! They just marked their territory on this toddler and we cannot we’re not elated about it. Just look at those eyes! It is as if this dog is pleading to be left alone with the baby so only he can play with the baby. Dogs can be so possessive about little kids. It is almost as if they know these tiny babies have just been born in this world and need all the care and affection in the world. And the dogs have volunteered to be that caregiver for them!

10. Who is this little creature crying?

Via SaeLow via Reddit

We love how these two big dogs are silently looking at the little baby and examining it. they are intrigued and observing who this new family member is! They look like elder siblings who are overly cautious around their newborn siblings, making sure they do not do anything wrong. We can expect the same from these big digs

11. Ooo, let me sniff the head!

Via NIUJager via Reddit

Don’t be scared, this dog is just examining and getting familiarised with every part of the baby so they can feel more connected to it.

12. Triplets!

Via Mastotron via Reddit

This cute dog thinks she is one of the babies. The parents probably go along with this and treat their dog like their third son. I mean, they probably already do!

13. Why are they keeping my sibling away from me?

Via  turtlepower8 via Reddit

Oh God, just look at the doggo’s face, it looks so sad that the parents are not letting it near the baby! The eyes are filled with absolute tears and pleading to allow a little sniffing of the baby. I hope they let the dog hug its new sibling at least once. I can vouch it will take great care of the baby!

14. I could stare at you all day!

Via atheist_verd via Reddit

The dog is just impatiently staring at the dog to get up and giggle! Dogs get so excited when the little kids giggle. It is so heartwarming to see a guard your little baby!

15. Why does my sibling not resemble me?

Via tacoking92 via Reddit

The dog is trying to figure out why the new family member does not have the furry skin it did when it was little. Or it is probably confused how humans could be so tiny! It has always been humans in tall heights and broad shoulders. But this one came in such a small size

16. I made this tiny human smile!

Via SmokeUpSenpai via Reddit

This is truly a sight for sour eyes! The kid is truly enjoying and joyful being in the presence of the dog. The kid is giggling in such an adorable way and it is all because of the friendly presence of the loving and affectionate dog!

17. Siblings stick together!

Via izzygray603 via Reddit

Ah, I am at total at words! No words can be used to explaining how delightful this picture is. The huge smile on that toddler’s face tells us everything. These two will grow up to be the best buddies and always have each other by their side!

18. We are in this together!

Via dominiclheureux via Reddit

There is no way dogs are letting parents feed and take care of the newborn themselves. Dogs will get up at night when you get and stay with you until the baby sleeps. The dog in the picture looks so exhausted though, looks like he is giving up on his night sleep to look after the new baby.

19. Best hug ever!

Via zerocalorie via Imgur

Oh my God, doesn’t that look like the best hug in the history of hugs? The hug must have been so cute because the dog’s eyes teared up. His sentiments are clearly visible.

These pictures were so adorable! Dogs are such softies and it makes absolutely no sense when people fear dogs. How can anyone possibly fear dogs when they are such harmless creatures and manage to be the best company a toddler can ever have. And we are totally here for it! It is absolutely precious to see such a big creature be so soft and gentle towards little humans. Dogs are nice and friendly with everyone, but they become even more kind and gentle towards little babies. And lucky for the parents, their kids get to have the precious presence of a dog around them. Growing up with a dog in your presence is an amazing experience and an absolute privilege.

We would love to see pictures of your dog with little babies. Send them away!


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