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50 Times Dogs Made Our Day With Their Wholesomeness And Gave Us A Smile

These are the highest level of memes.

We all know the Internet is filled with memes. Some are okay while some are A-class. And the following ones fall in the latter category. Why? because they have dogs in it! And dogs make everything 100% times better. And while usually memes are used to ridicule something or someone, these have a different formula than those. You can be rest assured, we won’t be making fun of any of the adorable doggos but as a matter of fact, we’ll be praising these doggos or their awesome meme qualities and on that note we’d love to see more of these later on.


So if you want to smile and feel good about your day, you have come to the right place. Starting your day out by taking a look at a few dog memes is always recommended. And we have got you covered. So scroll on below and get ready to involuntarily squeal a lot.

Source: Instagram

#1 Every mother needs a break sometimes.


We all need a little R&R sometimes. -John L

#2 Anything to make the good boy happy.


#3 I will stay here for eternity.


The dog looks so proud of himself. Soooo cute! -Natasha L

#4 I hate waiting.


I love that they let you put the stick through. -Tracy McGregor

#5 You can see it in their face.


#6 ‘You sure?’


This is totally me. -Chubby Unicorn

#7 ‘I’m coming for you flying thingy.’

#8 I’m not crying.


#9 I’ll try extra hard to be good then.

None shall pass… without a kiss. -Cara Herbert

#10 That is the face of pure excitement.


#11 I know, I am cute.

Your pupper is beautiful! It looks like a wolf. -MeggersTheFox

#12 ‘Is it working hooman?’


#13 ‘No, Don’t leave me!’

Omg.. U suppose to bring it together with u.. Damn it.. Poor doggy. -Sue

#14 ‘Is this working okay?’


#15 He is better than all of us combined.

You don’t teach dog…dog teaches you. -Daniel Sipes

#16 Or perhaps Neverbark?


#17 ‘Just helping my dad work.’

He’s just making sure you don’t watch things that you shouldn’t be watching on the internet. -just a thought

#18 This is definitely the most important one.


#19 I wonder why.

This is so me. I have thousands photos of my dogs on my phone. -NQ L

#20 Shall I hold your paw?


#21 This is certainly not a dog.

Omg! What kind of dog is that?! I have never!!! I need one! -rebekah hernandez

#22 ‘I am a sunflower!’


Whoever thought of this is awesome! -Venomous Sloth

#23 This is not allowed, We are taking all of the cute puppies.

#24 A puppy or a potato?


#25 And the other doggo is very content.

I didn’t realise until I read the title. -Koko Sempai

#26 How do you fall asleep on a trampoline?


#27 His smile is everything.

I don’t know who has the better look in the first one. I imagine the dog passed some gas, he feels better, the owner is disturbed. -Tina Scogin

#28 He is still a lap dog.


Would marry this man for his dog. -Courtney Jean

#29 Saving lives.

#30 I didn’t know I needed this.


My little dog, pretty tiny, sleeps in the middle of bed, on my pillow. He won’t ever move. And I sleep with 3 dogs… -Chubby Unicorn

#31 ‘Pet me please.’

#32 ‘Im here for you hooman.’


The little tiny baby paw so cute. -Ok Ha-Neul

#33 ‘I’m all warm now.’

#34 I think he means yes.


Just my dog Jack. Even if you say “wanna go for a wa wa?” He freaks out. -Chloe Fletcher

#35 ‘Is that all for me?’

#36 ‘I’m ready to go out.’


He would look like the little red riding hood if that was red. -just a thought

#37 This deserves an award.

#38 Judging you on your life.


That shirt with that skirt? Becky, I know you can do better than that. That’s soooo last spring! -Emily Black

#39 That’s way better than snoring.

Ours wags her tail in her sleep. It would be great if she didn’t lay against me–she’s 85 pounds. -Kelly Hartle

#40 ‘Hey, it may be small, but its all mine.’


#41 What a lucky guy!

Game! What game? Who cares about the game! Hello cuties! -Rhon

#42 He can see all the colors of the wind.

#43 He will be getting promoted soon.

#44 Sometimes lying is okay.

Don’t understand this photo, I see three dinosaurs. But one of them is wearing a collar. -Michel M. Prins

#45 Of course he is!

#46 They are ready to devour that cake.

Oh my god look at their happy faces! -Chandna Saxena

#47 He is at his forever home now.

#48 She is the forest doggo!

Role reversal, deer has a collar but not the dog. -borklaser

#49 But I wanna get him.

I love the signs around him. Obviously, there has been a few folks trying to take him home in the past. -Tina Scogin

#50 Yes it does and it’s right here.

Did… did the dog take the picture? -Natasha L


Which one of these memes was your favourite? And did these bring a mile to our faces? Don’t forget to comment down below and share it with your friends!


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