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It’s Spooktober And We Can’t Get Enough Of Black Cats

Spooktober is Black Cat Awareness Month.

It’s Spooktober, finally, and we never want this Black Cat Awareness Month to end because our obsession with black cats is real. I really do not understand who these people are hating black cats? Like where do these people come from? Black cats are precious and as innocent as other cats. Bring one black cat home and you will know how adorably cute it is. It is sure to bring your home happiness and ultimate joy!


If you have never adopted a black cat before, let us tell you, you are missing on a lot of things. The polite soul, pretty little face, friendly nature and big charming eyes that anyone can notice from afar. It’s Spooktober and we will not sit till we make all the black cat haters fall in love with their majestic beauty. This is why we have collected here for you a list of beautiful black kitties who are sure to melt your heart.

1. I wasn’t checking your phone, Hooman!

Via u/PearlLo

2. Meet Rocky, he was adopted 6 years ago.


Via u/Important-Stomach406

3. Winnie looks like a queen.


Via u/MizzouDude

4. Time to cut these sharp nails.


Via u/Bubblebiddy

5. Meet my best buddies Meeko and Saber. They are brothers.


Via u/mastergun89

6. She is sick, send love and wish her a speedy recovery.


Via u/Wonderplace

7. Jelly, the dashing feline!


Via u/VonStrausser

8. Little face looks so relaxed.


Via u/Handandle

We are confused if we should love this black kitty because of her little resting face or because of how innocent and polite does she look while snoozing. She is making us want to adopt another black cat. Black cats are not wild at dangerous at all, they are calm, friendly and polite. They can be your best friend but for that, you have to adopt them first. So, what are you waiting for? Go and bring home a black beauty!

9. He needs some ham.


Via u/notdakotafanning

10. What a majestic feline!


Via u/goodluckdontdie

11. Look at the little security guard in the staircase.

Via u/a-ravin

12. Look at that innocent face!


Via u/extremegun14

13. “My girlfriend’s 14 year old black cat, whom I love more than her.”

Via u/Marci0320

14. Binx on her first birthday!


Via u/xymoira

15. He was trying to catch a Cuban Treefrog.

Via u/PervyOstrich

16. Lovely eyes.


Via u/dreamweapon

17. Walter is obsessed with his Halloween quilt.

Via u/walterdodo

Walter is obsessed with his Halloween quilt and we are obsessed with Walter. Look at how fluffy he is and how can we not notice his sharp teefies? Looks majestic! We are in love with all these black cats and their prominent eyes make us love them even more. Are you going to adopt a black cat this October? If yes, comment below!


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