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Hilarious Pics Of Dogs Playing Hide And Seek But Their Pointy Ears Give Em All Away

If you ask us, a little playful ignorance is the purest form of goodness. What on earth are we even talking about, you might be thinking. Stay with us and we’ll make everything obvious, I guess.

We recently came across the purest Twitter thread. Although we say this in every thread on Twitter, this time we actually mean it. A picture of a silly German Shepherd playing hide and seek behind the living room couch was uploaded by someone. The only problem was that he was completely visible due to his large, pointed ears. Welp, other pet owners did not pass up the chance to participate by sending in pictures of their dogs trying to play hide and seek and failing horribly. But that’s exactly what makes it so darn adorable!

In case you have not been able to experience that yet, not a problem. We have managed to grab some of the cutest and funniest pictures of doggos hiding in the most obvious spots that it’s going to make you laugh at their silliness. Since you already know that we don’t discriminate between animals, we also included a few pictures of other cat hiders. We sincerely hope you like this wonderfully upbeat thread.

1. Hi there Smokey 

Furniture - German Shepherd Info Tweet @DogFamous24 My Smokey loves to play hide and go seek but his ears always give him away. I stood there calling him but he didn't move. He thought I'd never find him Please follow us for more entanglement 2:15 AM - Oct 11, 2022 Twitter for Android

2. Yes I don’t see you at all

Carnivore - Voodoo Child @voodoo2u Replying to @DogFamous24 and @MayolsSpicyy Same! 3:53 AM - Oct 12, 2022. Twitter Web App :

3. He really got brains

Wood - Marla Tauscher @MarlaTauscher Replying to @DogFamous24 Hiding. 4:58 PM Oct 11, 2022. Twitter for Android ...

4. An interesting way to hide

Dog - YNWA Kaiser 0000 @YNWA_Kaiser ⠀ Replying to @DogFamous24 and @RussRB Mine rarely hide but they often blend into one another ! 6:47 PM - Oct 11, 2022. Twitter for iPad


Via @YNWA_Kaiser

5. So funny

Furniture - Gutter Bookshop @gutterbookshop Replying to @DogFamous24 Ha, yes, our black shepherd Sasha was the same! No hiding with those ears! 2:05 PM - Oct 12, 2022. Twitter Web App

While writing this article, we realized the power our doggos hold over us. This is a random picture of a random living room with just two doggo ears sticking out. You can’t even see his precious face but you can’t help but die from the cuteness. We don’t know… just us?

6. What a great way to sleep!

Wood - Koko Moko @beautifulgorila Replying to @DogFamous24 My girl only sleeps W her hiding her face in cabinet. 11:45 AM - Oct 11, 2022. Twitter for Android ...

7. I really do get the problem 

Dog - Yogi @YogiDesiDog Replying to @DogFamous24 I get the problem... 8:48 AM - Oct 11, 2022. Twitter for Android

8. Happy training!

Photograph - of Paul Gye @Gye3Gye Replying to @DogFamous24 Here is my little girl. She is only 6 months old so still under training. ...
Dogs try to hide too and they think they are really good at it. You have to just play along and act like you can’t see them for the game to be fun. They end up hiding in the most hilarious places where they can obviously be seen but they think nobody can see them.
If you have a dog and have ever gone through that, you would understand exactly what we’re talking about. The funny expressions are the icing on the cake, too. You can’t help but appreciate them at that very time and smile at their adorable silliness.

9. What do you wanna tell doggo?

Sleeve - Vet 420 @WeedVet Replying to @DogFamous24 I know exactly what you mean! 11:50 PM - Oct 11, 2022. Twitter for iPhone XXXX

10. Same poppy 

Brown - anne-marie mcevoy @ammcevoy10 Replying to @DogFamous24 Poppy likes to hide too. 4:20 PM - Oct 11, 2022. Twitter for Android

1. I can’t stop laughing 

Computer - Piers Doughty-Brown @PiersPd0930 Replying to @DogFamous24 I've a cat of the same mind ← N Scotland has turope's be Lanny Herey CO hevy-to-make-playwight debut with windhush-drama Most viewed Lenny Henry to make playwright debut with Windrush drama Facebook Henry will also star in August in England, to be staged at London's Bush theatre as part of soth birthday celebrations x Kx 24TH P SKY PIN 13861780 Q A W S " x E D ** R F с V Al T G Y H 8 N U J

12. What a great angel 

Ecoregion - Nancy @nancy123477 Replying to @DogFamous24 I'm being silly with my hooman to. I'm Charlie 1:31 PM - Oct 11, 2022. Twitter for iPhone

13. So adorable 

Textile - FitFatty @fit_fatty Replying to @DogFamous24 My Squeaky (R.I.P.) did the same 1:23 PM - Oct 11, 2022. Twitter for iPhone
The “hide and seek” game is over today. We hope you laughed as you scrolled through each image and thoroughly liked it. But if you have had anything like this before, that would be interesting to know. Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.
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