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24 Of The Most Professional Dogs Who Are Fully Satisfied And Proud Of Their Jobs

Working dogs are highly professional at work.

Providing entertainment to your owner, making people feel better in hospitals, sitting at the counter, rescuing people, babysitting, training puppies, helping customers in grocery stores and much more. We contemplate what a dog cannot do? Wherever we go, we see dogs thriving in almost every field. Seems like dogs will soon leave humans behind in all these fields.


No doubt, dogs are giving humans a tough competition. It is the hidden abilities of these puppies which humans have used to train them to become successful in their jobs. These cute yet highly professional-looking dogs act all serious and responsible when it comes to their job. Put everything aside and watch how these professional dogs are fully satisfied and proud of their jobs.

#1 Waiting for their turn to give therapy sessions.

Credits:  OctopussSevenTwo / imgur

#2 Boy made his daddy proud by winning the sheep herding competition.


Credits:  The_Wind_Cries / reddit

#3 Arthur comes to the university to help the stressed students on campus.


Credits:  Arya_9 / reddit

#4 This boy helps the local baseball team.


Credits:  ImmediateE****lation / reddit

#5 Meet Ava!! A proud rescue dog.


Credits: AO-River /reddit

#6 Elvis detects pregnancy in polar bear poop.


Credits:  CatPooedInMyShoe / reddit

#7 Scout donates blood to help save other girls.


Credits:  mac_is_***** / reddit

#8 Young boy doing a check-in during class.


Credits:  Knight_Of_Cosmos / reddit

#9 Indie is a sheep herding expert.


Credits:  yeetbix_ / reddit

#10 Max alerts people about blood sugar.



Credits:  Superdiabetic64 / reddit

#11. Savannah works at  the airport.

Credits: ***********Tofu / reddit

She got her first job at 11 and look at us still looking for our dream jobs. We appreciate Savannah for her dedication towards her job. Savannah’s innocent face is definitely cheering up thousands of travelers every day. Savannah is one of the major reasons I would love to pack my bag and travel.

#12 This service dog works with this researcher in the lab.


Credits: dashcam_drivein /reddit

#13 Doggos retirement party.

Credits:  ReluctantMuse / reddit

#14  When you attend every class with your owner.


Credits:  Penguins_in_Sweaters / reddit

#15 He helps people who get epileptic seizures while skiing in mountains.

Credits: RimmyDims / reddit

#16 This young man is a guide dog for blind pups!


Credits:  pemmayb / reddit

#17 Oliver’s job is to make people happy at the airport and she is too good at her job.

Credits:  ***********Tofu / reddit

#18 Meet Emma! She works at a bookstore and welcomes every customer.


Credits: N3arBunny19 / reddit

#19 Adorable helper at the local hardware store.

Credits:  POCKALEELEE / reddit

#20 She is a dog treat test taster. Every dog’s dream job!


Credits: unknown

#21 Senior police officer is finding the real criminals.


Credits: © mac_is_***** / reddit

#22 A proud truffle-hunter dog.


Credits: wiltshire_truffles /Instagram

#23 Good boy at work!

Credits:  emusmaybite / reddit

#24 First day of job requires a little pampering.

Credits:  AdmiralZhou / imgur

I am so impressed after watching all these doggos perform their jobs with full confidence. Also, I am having this urge to train my dog and take him with me to work daily so we both excel in life. What are your thoughts about these highly skilled working dogs? Comment down below if you know of any working dogs.


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