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17 Dogs Taking A Dip Pools And Enjoying Summers

Summers call for endless swimming days. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, cozy dips at a lake, or even if it’s a family pool party in the backyard of your own home, each of them is extra fun. If you have a dog member at home, no one will be as excited as him for these sunny splashy days.


Watching these fuzzies having doggy dips in the water is just so refreshing. They might however sometimes need an extra hand while swimming, rest assured, dogs are pretty good swimmers. They sense the excitement kids have for such days and do not stay back in being the best pals on swimming days for children. They also keep a close watch while the kids play around in the pool so you can enjoy a chilled glass of lemonade.

Here we have brought forward some of the cutest pool pictures of adorable doggies getting the most out of pool days! You’ll surely enjoy it and would want to have a swimming day with your dog really soon…

1. “Doggy paddle on point”

What a good paddler you’ll make!

2. Some serious swimming lessons

via tailsticks via Instagram

Okay human, what next?

3. It’s a puppy pool day

via winston_the_handsome_ via Instagram

When the trio goes for a dip

4. “Swimming is always better with a pal”

via sidandfey.intheraw via Instagram

Bruno came over for spending the day, we thought we’d hit the pool for some time…

5. Fetch in the pool, tell me if you can think of a better combo!

via via Instagram

“I could chase this ball all day.”

6. What a cool shot!

via katetullochhammon via Instagram

This gorgeous pup seems to have been enjoying its dips in the pool

7. Let’s keep swimming, let’s keep swimming

via swimlabsnw via Instagram

Dories or doggos?

8. I’d prefer the baby pool

via friendsofdas via Instagram

Isn’t it too small?

9. The Surfer

via aggiewooolf via Instagram

Human, look at me! I am surfing over the waves

Here’s all the evidence why pool days are for dogs more than anybody else at home! They seem to enjoy every bit of the day to the fullest. Keep scrolling, to see some of the most admirable pups having fun in the pools, no matter big or small… Other than sparky (picture 10) who doesn’t seem to be a swimming person, oh I mean dog.

10. Told you swimming isn’t really my thing

via ratherlargerobot via Instagram

“Can I get out now?”

11. I’ll have swimming days every day

via in_the_dog_house_day_care

Seems like it! this cutie isn’t getting out of the pool anytime soon…

12. Bathing the sun while in water

via rizziethepeekapom via Instagram

The doggo is absorbing in all he can, on a bright swimming day!

13. When you come to the pool under peer pressure

via cappasheddy via Instagram

Are you sure the water isn’t that cold?

14. Doggie dips

via arlo.the.brittany via Instagram

Yeah okay, it was fun…

15. “That feel when your humans force you into a tiny pool and expect you to play”

via rizzo_goldenretriever via Instagram

You grew up too soon but you’re still a baby for your human, little one

16. Need a hand?

via tankasarusrex via Instagram

psst, mom, I is sinking

17. When you throw the season’s biggest pool party but no one shows up

via harleyhuahua via Instagram

It’s okay, I like my own company

The heart never gets fulfilled from watching these adorable woofs goofing around… So, if you have moments where you and your canine pal went for doggie dips, do make sure to share them with us!


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