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19 Dogs Caught Red-Pawed Causing Trouble And Their Reaction Is Too Hilarious To Miss

 These four-legged canine friends are causing ruckus in our lives since forever.

If you see your dog chewing toilet paper, ripping pillows or fighting off plants in the garden, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with it. This means your dog is doing its usual business. You would often catch your canine buddy making mischief, but what happens next is more interesting. When dogs are caught doing something they shouldn’t, they come up with such hilarious responses and the faces are always fun to watch. If they think making puppy eyes will get us off them, then yes. They are absolutely right, lol. Nobody could resist that. Sometimes they do look guilty as well, but they actually don’t feel guilt; it’s just a myth. Since they manage to make such faces that we can’t resist, they always get away with whatever they have done. Clever beings!


People share many hilarious pictures of their dogs making trouble and their reaction after being caught. We have compiled these in this thread for you to see and enjoy.

Scroll down to see these furry troublers.

#1 Well, he doesn’t even look sorry.

Image Credit: mccollums_buddy via Instagram

#2 “Idk who did this. Why do you ask?”

Image Credit: therealchewiedog via Instagram

#3 He thinks puppy eyes trick would work here. Well, he’s right.

Image Credit: gunner_and_the_gang via Instagram

#4 “Not my fault. The cardboard was tasty.”

Image Credit: its_cajun_the_catahoula via Instagram

Dogs are always ready to surprise you. They come up with the things that you’d never image. And, when you start to think that’s the end of it, they give you a grand surprise. Scroll down to see some of the hilarious examples.

#5 Stylish baby.

Image Credit: frenchieluna_tic via Instagram

#6 “Heehee, oopsie!”

Image Credit: yondubagwai via Instagram

#7 “Let bygones be bygones, hooman.”

Image Credit: charlie_ssauga_doodle via Instagram

#8 I can feel for the little girl. She clearly wasn’t expecting this monstrosity.

Image Credit: neotan_furrygram via Instagram

#9 He tried his best to get the toilet paper off the roll.

Image Credit: sar_dog_30 via Instagram

#10 When you have done something bad and finally find a place to hide.

Image Credit: nuottidog via Instagram

#11 Just there to master the art of knitting.

Image Credit: mdhysert via Instagram

#12 He looks so guilty though.

Image Credit: murphyfromturkey via Instagram

#13 Making puppy eyes to get away with that.

Image Credit: lifeoflolawroe via Instagram

#14 “No, I didn’t touch this plant. Save me from this monster!”

Image Credit: luna_luz_pup via Instagram

#15 Just unstuffing the pillow a bit.

Image Credit: mollyandtinkertales via Instagram

#16 “Was it important?”

Image Credit: moosechunk via Instagram

#17 Partners in crime.

Image Credit: leolanathecorgis via Instagram

#18 He had fun outside as it seems.

Image Credit: adventuresofharveyandtheo via Instagram

#19 “He told me to do that”

Image Credit: mainlycrafts via Instagram

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