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17 Pics Of Dogs With Their Toys That They Can’t Live Apart From

If you thought you were your pet’s best friend, do think again. They may spend a lot of time with you, cuddle with you and make you feel you are the only special person in the world to them, but they might be just playing with you. It is not like they verbalized you as their best friend, right? We just happen to assume it on our that we are our pet’s favourite person. What if the most precious thing to your pet is their food tray or that little ball you ask your dog to fetch? What if they are fond of their toys than you and the only reason they come to you is so you can help them play with their favorite toys. It is a big possibility they just butter you up so they can have easy access to all these things.


1. My stuffed animal!

Via Shilohs_stories via Instagram

Monstor Inc called! They wanted their James Sullivan back! Never thought our James Sullivam would be powerless in front a little dog.

2. My sleeping partner

Via odie_the_toller via Instagram

This furry dog can never sleep without having his stuffer partner with him! It is an absolute must.

Duck-shaped stuffed toy at amazon

3. Found my twin

Via ockin_dawgs via Instagram

I almost could not spot the toy, they look so oddly similar. Maybe that is why it is this pet’s favourite toy.

4. Stay hydrated, folks!

Via away_missions_with_geordie via Instagram

If your pet sets their eyes on something, they would not switch to any other toy no matter how new and how much more cuter you think it is from their older toy. Sometimes our animals fixate on weir objects. And in this situation, it is a water bottle. I mean, I get that we have to say hydrated but this guy just took it to another level.

5. Don’t judge me!

Via beanwaiting4u via Instagram

While to most of us that toy may be a joke, it is this dog’s favourite thing to play with! This little guy looks cute being so clueless about what the stuffed toy is.

6. This toy is always smiling at me

Via ashercotetheaussie via Instagram

Asher has just found his best friend forever! The best friend is always smiling at him and it makes Asher feel homely. Just at the big smile on his face and how his eyes are so wide open. He is clearly having a good time.

7. My little orange toy

Via hilarystevensrealestate via Instagram

I may look very bigger than my toy but we have a special bond! We are around each other all the time and never for once my toy leaves my side.

8. Favourite cuddle buddy

Via walf.woof via Instagram

This monkey is my best friend. I sit together and watch TV with him. I cuddle with him while sleeping and it is better than those stupid pillows humans give me.

9. My giraffe buddy

Via monster_moose_man via Instagram

Mommy did not bring home a fellow sibling per even after I badly insisted, so I made a sibling of my own.

10. Cannot decide my favorite one

Via  t_kutzner via Instagram

This baby is too special to have just one toy. So its parents it a whole set of toys! Now it has so many toys that it is hard to decide which one

11. My little koala

Via themuttstop via Instagram

While the world is lacking Koalas, this mister has its own personal koala. And boy, we are jealous! Even though the dog has the koala gritted between its teeth, the koala seems to be in pretty good shape. So it looks like the koala is being taken care of!

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12. I sleep better with my friend

Via ambuddyguy via Instagram

Aww, look at these cuddle buddies! Only one of them is a stuffed toy but they both like stuffed toys you hug tightly at night to help sleep better. Well, I guess that is what this dog is doing with his stuffed toy. Maybe that is why he is sleeping so peacefully. He is hugging a stuffed toy!

Multipet Lamb Chop Dog Toy, 10″ [2-Pack] on Amazon – $17

13. Do not take it away from me

Via hi_im_ccino via Instagram

The little boy looks so scared his beloved toy is being taken away from it. Even if it is just for a few seconds for the picture, he does not like to be separated from his dear toy for a single minute.

FuzzYard Gingerbread Puppuccino Squeaky Dog Toy – $12

14. Found a friend in this duck

Via  settertales via Instagram

I am almost scared of what will happen if this dog comes across a real duck. He might mistake it for a stuffed toy and boy, the horrors we will have to see. The yellow duck is his favourite toy and no one can even come to the duck’s level in this boy’s life.

Multipet Duckworth Plush Dog Toy 13″ – Assorted Colors on Amazon – $8

15. Fetched this ball for you

Via  louie.mclovin via Instagram

When I told you earlier that a ball could be their favourite thing in the world, I was not wrong. And here is the proof! Bouncy balls are essentials for dogs and cannot be forgotten. Just look at how this little creature is holding the ball so tight between his delicate teeth.

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16. Who needs a pillow if you got a stuffed toy?

Via ellielabpup via Instagram

This big boy found a good thing to rest his chin on. There is no need to get different pillows to make them feel comfortable. Just get them a stuffed toy and you are good to go!

ZippyPaws Hedgehog Plush Dog Toy on Chewy – $5

17. Twinnies

Via Image Credit: olliethe_floof via Instagram

Oh God, I almost thought that was a tiny dog beside the bigger one. But I guess they have spent so much time together, they have started to almost look alike. It looks like they are siblings!

Looking at all these pictures of cute dogs made my heart melt! We love our pets and we want to be the best friend in their life, but sometimes you have to let them go wherever their heart takes them. We cannot let our babies stick with us the whole time. We have to let them grow up and progress. And that means they will be making new relationships and friendships.

Is your dog also obsessed with your pets? We would love to see their pictures, send them away!


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