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50 Funniest Pics Of Dorkiest Cats From The ‘Cat Virus.Exe’ Community

We all need a moment to laugh just by an extra bit, in our boring lives. Luckily, the feline feathers around us give us a minute to smile wider and laugh out loud, every now and then. Cats can surely be considered as the weirdest yet the most adorable creatures that exist on Earth. An animal also has a multidimensional personality, especially cats. Each aspect of a feline personality is a mystery though! They do have an entertaining side too, however, the cat-acts we find extremely amusing are usually very normal to these little kits.


Every so often we come across communities across the web who are found adoring these kitties, for something hilariously funny they just did. Whether it’s them loafing at weird places or their reactions to various things, and not to forget them being around dogs is a whole treat to watch. Cat_virus.exe is a similar community where the owner of this Instagram account vows to bring all the kitty fans together, and cheer the funniest cat moments a cat parent can relate to! Here we have brought forward a chunk of these cat pictures, you’ll be breaking into rib-tickling laughter by the time you reach the end…

1. Woke up like this

But who woke me up?

2. Photogenic


A perfect feline smile

3. I have my eye on you


That looks like a cool pair of glasses.

4. Well, that’s an important document, right there


The second comment is all we want!

5. When the toilet’s occupied but you need to pee really bad


6. Cat-lippers


7. Cat-paragus


During an interview with the author of the page Cat_virus.exe Instagram page, the author stated “My idea for the cat_virus page is to keep an archive of all the most popular cat pics on the internet, and nothing else,” he said.

“Before I had this page, for over 2 years I posted cat pics on the stories of my personal account, so one day I decided to create a page to save all the hundreds of pics I had, and it went viral due to its name because no other page had a name like this at the time.” The name of the page, however, he said it was a test whether the Instagram would allow it or not.

8. Do you see it, yet?


They’ve their kitty plans set up…

9. “They’re twins born a foot apart!”


What an adorable sight!

10. “Fibonacci In Everything”


3 different moods!

11. The scale says it all

Smoll kitty

12. Sparkle paws


Molly DeVoss, a certified feline training and behaviour specialist who runs Cat Behavior Solutions agency, was asked about what’s her take on various cat behaviours depicted in the picture and their popularity on the web. Here’s what she had to say – “Most studies find in many parts of the world dogs are more popular than cats—but it’s no mystery that a good cat photo can take the internet by storm,”

She added, “I think people are obsessed with cat pictures and videos on the internet because cats are typical “poker-faced”—meaning they don’t visually express emotions as their canine counterparts do. Cats instinctively don’t show vulnerability because they are both predator and prey; to appear readable could be life-threatening for them.”

13. I shall return with a greater revenge

Look at that anger!

14. Paw-wy pinky swear


Promise to be friends furever

15. When you come to know that you’re the inspiration behind one of the wonders of the world

Molly continued, “when a cat makes a human-like facial expression or inadvertently mimics a human gesture, we think it’s ‘cute’; mostly because it is atypical of the species”. She furthermore said “Also, anyone who has lived with a cat knows how incredibly majestic and beautiful they are; it’s a lot like living with a tiny wild animal. Their grace, nimbleness, and climbing ability are captivating to watch,”

16.”Brother No 😢”


Some serious resemblance we have here

17. Loafing or Splooting?


18. A paw-fect cookie


19. When you’re too lazy to walk the bed, post-dinner

20. A serious look of betrayal


21. Optical illusion

22. What an unimpressed kitty looks like


Stop treating me like a kid, dude…

23. Do you like my bangs?

24. “Kitten pod has safely returned to the mothership”

When mom’s too obsessed with you…

25. The cat-mother-board is working just fine

26. When she steals your man like a pro


My cat’s being a bitch lately

27. What working from home looks like


I’ll take a nap for some time, just sometime

28. Polite paws

Polite paws just chillin’ around in a human pose

29. Chomp monch


30. Hey ol’ friend

31. Cat thief

She’s an evil genius

32. When she waves while she walks by


Damn, she’s good lookin’!

33. Stay home, stay safe

Wear your masks people, a public service message by the kitty

34. Do you not see me?

35. Cat cart


Traveling around the house

36. “Son, We Need To Talk”

I heard you scratched the neighbor’s dog the other day

37. I am not scared, you are!

Octopied kitty

38. She should be featured in Pokemon or dragon ball Z


Those looks are killin’!!

39. “Dinnerbone”

Can you be weirder, cat?

40. Caught, sleeping

With the mouth open

41. Give me back my socks


Human: how do you know these are your socks? Cat: It has kitties on it

43. The saviour

The next big star

43. Let me out, already

44. Need a little help here


45. A cool and crisp kitty

Once upon a hot day…

46. I wonder who did this?

A guilty conscience needs no accuser

47. Just a quick stop at the ATM


48. The great trumpet master

49. *Cat

That’s an adorable car, oh sorry *cat

50. Me looking at yummy food posts late at night…

Picture credits: cat_virus.exe

Things are never gloomy around cats and kitties. Hope you had a great time looking at these chuckle-y little cuties. Save your Awwws for more amazing posts about these furry felines. We’ll want to unleash the secrets behind the mysterious cat behaviours, and we’re on it big time!

Lastly, how weirdly adorable are your kitties? We definitely would want to know as we believe all these fur balls deserve all the love and attention, make sure to share your favourite feline moments with us in the comments below!


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