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20 Cats That Did Something Incredibly Silly And Their Owners Had Camera On

What’s better than capturing the silly moments of your cat?

We absolutely love our mischievous little felines who are always up to something. More than half of our phone’s galleries are filled with their aesthetic pictures but how many of us have really been able to capture their silly moments? Not a lot! But there are people who have been able to capture those and it’s not like their cats were being predictable, it’s all about luck, we guess. Because when it comes to cats, they immediately know that they are being watched and would stop doing that certain thing. Weiiiird, right? Well, at least my cat does that.


The moment I’d start making a video of my cat doing something silly or even cute, she’d just stop and start staring at the camera, and I’d be like, WHYYYY! Also, did you notice that cats become more weird and active during the night? That’s because some cats are nocturnal and they become more active during the night. And if the cat’s owner isn’t home all day to give attention to his/her cat, the cat might become very active as it would want to play and utilize the energy that she has not used the entire day. Anyways, we are still unable to figure out these mysterious creatures and we might never be able to.

In our today’s agenda, luckily there were some cat owners who did manage to capture their cat’s silly and weird moments! So, we have gathered 20 of the best pictures of cats who were caught doing silly and stupid stuff. Are you ready? Start scrolling!

1. I wonder how did she even fit in there…

via © annahthema / reddit

Those are some serious skills!

2. I heard someone in the toilet and this is what I found.

via © 2ndACC1234567890 / reddit

He was drinking water from the flush.

3. Not so smart after all, huh?

via © cuteblackkat / reddit

Get me out of here, hooman!

4. Cats being cats.

“She knocked 2 dozen freshly chocolate-dipped cookies onto the floor and covered herself in chocolate, resulting in an emergency bath.”

via © bhudak / reddit

But what did I do?

5. Nope, they don’t need your favours!

“I hung this little ledge for him to watch all his birdie buddies and this ungrateful cat literally will not step foot on it. No trust whatsoever.”

via © kerrylorraine / reddit

They are just going to do their own thing, you know.

6. What makes you think you’re the chosen one, hooman?

“Thought he came in for morning pets, turns out he’s just hungry and my finger will do.”

via © mycatsthinkimawesome / reddit

Now serve me my food, peasant.

7. He was trying to reach the food bowl.

via © currentunemployed / reddit

The other cat be like, hey, did you find a way yet?

8. He thinks he can fit in the box.

via © largecucumber / reddit

Sure, just in the half of the box.

9. And he’s trying to hide…

via © Mando0975 / reddit

He thinks that if he can’t see me, I can’t see him.

10. Awww… what a cutie! But who fights with a cloth!? LOL

“This cat couldn’t figure out how to fight a washcloth. He just rubbed it on his face lovingly. He’d never survive in the wild.”

via © curisub / reddit

Cats can be so dumb at times.

And we have reached the mid of the post, but we are sure that you must be wondering that how do these cats even manage to play so dumbly at times, right? Don’t get us wrong, cats can be very intelligent creatures but there are times when they act the silliest of all! Anyway, let’s continue with the remaining pictures now, shall we? Keep scrollin’ until the end folks!

11. Who the hell disturbed my grooming session!?

“He was in the middle of grooming when someone rang the doorbell… Sat like that for 10-15 minutes.”

via © StrangR_2U / reddit

Come forward and I just might forgive you.

12. Cat be like – don’t you see this? Help me out!

“She wants me to make him move so she doesn’t have to shove her face in next to his. And she’s the *smart* one.”

via © Adalaide78 / reddit

Miss smarty pants.

13. HAHA OMG! This one is hilarious AF!

“Left my PJ pants on the floor. Found my cat like this, this morning.”

via © motherofcoons / reddit
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Honey, we have a snail in our living room!

14. Not a fan of automated stuff. He likes it old school.

“Trying to get our cat used to an automated feeder has resulted in a lot of yelling.”

via © alglaz / reddit

Especially when the hoomans serve him.

15. You’re going to help me get down, right hooman? RIGHT?

“Guess who’s jumping on top of the door and begins to cry after 2 minutes because he’s afraid to jump?”

via © WellensohnRaurau / reddit

Do we have another choice?

16. When he wants attention.

via © kairaanna / reddit

Ah, hello my sweet hooman. How have you been? Let me lick your pretty feet.

17. Someone got stuck while fighting the shutters.

via © itscoralinee / reddit

Don’t you see I’m stuck here, John? Get me out of this mess!

18. And she did manage to fall!

via © GeorgeAstroCat / reddit

I wonder what her expressionns would have been!

19. They sleep wherever they want.

“Hector has recently come to believe the recycling bin is his sleeping place.”

via © Fysus17 / reddit

Don’t even try getting a comfy bed for them. They won’t ever use it.

20. Meet Mavis! He’s trying to open a bag of onions!

via © hotgluegungobrrr / reddit

Such curious little species they are!

21. I would never eat that!

via © m8m3 / reddit

How do you even eat that, hooman? So unhealthy. Ew!

As we have reached the end of this post, one thing is for sure, cats are a complete pack of entertainment. They won’t ever let you get bored or sad. You can always count on your furry companions whenever you’re in need of some fun! Cats are extremely moody and bossy, they won’t obey your rules or accept your toys, they can exhibit extreme cold behaviour at times which might leave us sad but hey, regardless of all that, we still can’t help ourselves from loving these adorable little creatures!

Lastly, we would like our readers to share the weird moments of their cats! Were you able to capture your cat being silly into the camera? If not, you can still just write down your experience in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!


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