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20 Cats Who Just Nodded Off Before You Could Pet Them

Cats can fall asleep anywhere.

We all are aware of the fact that every cat loves to sleep in small, unusual places. Sometimes we find them in the weirdest places where we could not have guessed they would possibly be sleeping there. It is a surprise and shock every time we find them in the most unusual place, who could have imagined a cat would be sleeping in the small space under the fridge or the small space between the couch and the wall. That is where my cat goes off to sleep. Every time my cat goes to sleep somewhere else other than on my bed, it seems like a sport in the Olympics when I have to search for her everywhere. My cat has a bad habit of not responding to my calls. Instead, she walks out of her hiding spot gracefully whenever she desires taking her time and stretches, yawns before finding another place to nap. Not caring about how I would be worried for her.


This is the life story of every cat owner, I am sure these cats think of us as their peasants and consider themselves our masters because first, they do not listen to us or follow our orders. They only communicate with us when they want us to serve them food. You have to agree with me because you know I am not lying. Anyways, keep on scrolling down to see these cat owners finding their pet cats sleeping in the most unusual places…

1. “Pipo likes to sleep in unusual places.”

© u/Aboarchy / Reddit

2. This is such a cute picture though.


© Inmortal Shots / Pexels

3. Another beautiful picture of a beautiful cat sleeping so peacefully.


© Daniela Turcanu / Unsplash

4. She is sleeping on slippers…okay.


© 272477 / Pixabay

5. There is something so captivating about this picture of a beautiful cat sleeping in the sink.


© CamiloCaballero / Pixabay

6. Aww, look at that adorable kitty. Almost looks like camouflage here.


© Crepessuzette / Pixabay

7. This cat was probably angry at her owners when she fell asleep in the box.


© u/Xtrepiphany / Reddit

8. “Tunnel cat.”


© u/ErikTheVikingCat / Reddit

9. “George likes to sleep on the back of the couch.”


© u/lepfrog / Reddit

10. This cat loves the smell of the fabric softener.


© u/WH173F4C3 / Reddit

These cats were so cute, my heart keeps melting at the mere sight of such beautiful and graceful cats sleeping in peace on their makeshift thrones. These cats do act like it is their kingdom, their property and they can do whatever they want to. Sleep anywhere on earth just because they can. Maybe it is true what everyone says about the cats that it is actually their world and we are just living in it. Keep on scrolling down to see more pictures…

11. Grandma is going to be pissed at you for ruining her plant.

© Kevin / Unsplash

12. Where is the cat? Can you see her?


© u/qusik / Reddit

13. She looks comfortable sleeping on these books.

© Mysaren / Imgur

14. “I know cats like to sleep in weird positions, but this is probably the most ridiculous.”


© u/Vo1x / Reddit

15. She looks so unbothered, she simply does not care about what you say.

© u/g1yph / Reddit

16. “Do not disturb.”


© stoltedarryl123 / Imgur

17. Shopping can be very tiring, I do not blame her.

© unknown / reddit

18. “This is how my cat sleep.”


© Necrohippie / Imgur

19. “My cat Bippy will sleep anywhere.”

© TishyKitty / Imgur

20. “Again, my cat has found another strange way to sleep.”


© NubXilla / Imgur

21. Why do cats love to sleep in the sinks so much?

© u/memesareinmyblood / Reddit

Aww, the last one is definitely my favorite picture. These cats look so content, happy, peaceful and relaxed in all of these pictures. This is the thing I love about cats that how chill and calm they are. What do you love the most about your cat? tell us in the comments down below…


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