10+ Photos Of Dramatic Cats That Prove Cats Won’t Let You Get Bored

They deserve to be on T.V

Cats might not look dramatic or as if they need attention but in real life, it’s the complete opposite for these adorable fluffy babies. Yes! when you’re not giving them attention or leaving them on their own, they would act up in ways you thought weren’t possible. They would either go on a killing spree, lick your face and harm or trash your entire house up. Spreading infinite chaos and displaying theatrics you only see in movies. So yeah, are cats made for the big screen? Of course, they are. No questions asked. And the best thing about this is that no one can look adorable or cute while being dramatic. The sole reason why you’d be invested in seeing them being dramatic is because of their cute fluffy expressions and looks.


So today we look at 18 acts who mastered the art of being dramatic. These cats will make you adopt a cat instantly. Here have a look:

1. Ninja or cat? I’ll let you decide.

© unknown / imgur

2. An absolute master of stealth.


© Boomiaa / imgur

3. Angry at rope! Why not?


© onecrazy88fan / imgur

4. Someone’s about to get killed by those paws.


© Simabby / reddit

5. Her expressions are priceless.


© nanatalada / reddit

6. That’s just her seat.


© lindalinh / reddit

7. Just a cat standing and checking out snow.


© Lemon_pop / reddit

8. You write, I eat.


© schizoid_21 / reddit

8. Look at that fluff.


9. I killed all of these for you.



Having fun going through this list? We can assure you that these kitties are unintentionally very talented when it comes to dramatics. Like you can clearly see A+ acting skills when it comes to these talented fluffballs. There’s nothing better than seeing your kitty act up in ways you thought were impossible but we’ve got your back. Scroll down below for even more dramatic cats.

10. Just helping my human get some shiny teeth.

© inkspecialist / imgur

11. What is that face?


© eric_and_ollie_ / Instagram

12. Just a kitty with murder tendencies.

© tikitessie / reddit

13. I can poop like you too human.


© DisRuptive1 / reddit

14. The cutest cuddles.

© wddolson / reddit

15. Let me go human!


© Slothkitty / reddit

16. Your wall, our playground.

© icant-chooseone / reddit

17. How is she so calm while taking a bath?


© amorr9 / reddit

18. Don’t go! Stay please!!

© catasters / tumblr

With that, we conclude this article. Let us know your thoughts on these dramatic kitties and also let us know which ones of these were your favourite picks, down in the comment section below.


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