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Photographer Takes A Majestic Portrait Of Three Lynxes Aligned

Photography is not easy.

You have to be at the right place at the right time with the perfect tools. Even with all that, it takes a lot of experience to take the perfect pictures. Pictures taken in nature are particularly difficult because there is a lot of movement. Taking pictures of animals is also very hard because they tend to get scared and run away. So people use drones to explore the area and find animals that they want to photograph. But even drones can scare these animals away. This is why I said it take a lot of experience and skill to capture a masterpiece photo.


Now, we all know lynxes don’t like living amongst humans. They can be found in forests or cold areas, far away from humans. So very little contact has been made between bobcats and humans. This is why it is very exciting to see the exotic animal whenever you do. One particular photographer has blessed us with the perfect pictures of three lynxes.

Source: mikemayou

Mike Mayou has no problem taking the ideal pictures of animals.

He started taking an interest in photography while he was very young. His passion has led him to create masterpieces. His photography and videography are not only limited to animals, but he also likes covering portraits, engagements, concerts, and landscapes. He was born in Duluth and he has gifted us with these amazing pictures of bobcats in the wild.

Mike was on a work trip and was flying his drone next to a river when it came across a lynx.

The lynx didn’t get scared of the drone and didn’t run away. Maybe it was its first time seeing one, so it was more intrigued as to what object just approached it. So the animal stayed calm and looked right at the drone.


“These cats were very comfortable being up close and personal with the camera,” said Mayou. “It’s quite rare for humans to see bobcats in the wild, but the drone allowed me to interact with these animals in a unique way.”

Mike was easily able to take pictures of the lynx before he found out there were even more.


“As we all know, drones can potentially scare animals, especially if the drones are larger in size and get close to the creatures,” the photographer says. “After looking into the ethics of drone photography around wildlife, I realized I may have gotten too close to the bobcats for comfort, and looking back, I would not have gotten as close as I did. If the behavior of the animal changes, the drone is too close.”

This is the photo he took of the three lynxes posing on a fallen log. How magnificent!


Even though we all find lynxes cute and adorable, they are not to be kept as pets because they belong in the wild.

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