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Wholesome Story Of An Orphaned Baby Elephant Who Became Friends With A Rescued Ostrich

It is always the most unusual ones who make the best pair of best friends.

Every human being needs a companion in their life that will always be there for them, someone who does not judge them, someone who cares like a parent and argues like a sibling, someone to support them and encourage them, someone who is a partner in every crime but also a teacher who gives guidance for the right path. That kind of passion, energy and love can only be derived from one relation that is friendship only. A friend is a person with all of those qualities mentioned above and so much more. Having good friends is like a blessing, for spending life alongside such a great company can be very joyous, healthy and stress relieving. There are no rules in friendship, no judgments or jealousy. A friendship is that kind of a relationship that does not depend on anything. It most certainly does not have any terms and conditions, literally, anyone can be your friend.

But the most cutest pair of friendships are always the unusual ones who become real quick. Even though friends do come in all sizes and shapes but there are some strange friendships between different kinds of people and even animals that always leave us in awe and shock. Similarly, we have come across an extremely cute story of an orphaned baby elephant known as Jotto who became friends with a rescued ostrich, called Pea. Their strange and super adorable friendship will melt your heart. Keep on scrolling down to find out how they met each other and read their whole story in detail…

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1. Meet the cute baby Jotto. He was only 1 month old when he fell into a well and then got separated from his herd, he was taken straight to an elephant orphanage in Kenya.

2. These are the two sibling ostriches known as Pea and Pod, who were also rescued back in 2014.


3. What a beautiful creature.


It is all because of the kindness of the people at the David Shelldrick Wildlife Trust who literally made it their mission to save the life of Jotto. They as an organization officially look after small wild animals that either get lost, left behind or fall sick somehow until they have recovered and are completely prepared to get back into the wild that is their natural habitats. This is precisely what they did for lovely Jotto. This cute baby elephant sadly lost his herd, he also had some severe health issues that needed to be tended to as soon as possible. Jotto, the baby elephant was taken by DSWT to an elephant orphanage in Kenya right away. That is exactly how he became friends with the charming and the most unlikely creature. You would not have been able to guess. A friendship between an elephant and ostrich? Truly sounds unrealistic but I can imagine how wholesome they would be together. The wild ostrich named Pea has lived in this shelter since 2014 and he is not in the mood of leaving that place anytime soon since she just loves to be around the baby elephants. Undoubtedly, this strangely cute duo is completely inseparable and is clearly obvious in these pictures. Their favorite thing to always do together is definitely cuddling because that they have done since the very first days they met each other. It was totally friendship at first sight. Now they have clearly grown a little more and Jotto is nearing his time to rejoin the wild approaches. The pair of cute best friends are undeniably taking full advantage of the little time they have got with each other by being around each other all the time. You do not need to worry about Pea. She is a great company to other animals at the shelter, too. Keep on scrolling down to see more cute pictures of them…

4. I love this picture so much. It is so wholesome!

“It is safe to say orphaned ostrich Pea most definitely believes she is part of the elephant herd and little Jotto is more than happy to enjoy a cuddle with his feathered friend,” wrote DSWT. “Beautifully tender moments at the Nairobi Nursery, where these two orphans and many, many others, are being given the opportunity to heal and, when they are ready, to return to the wild.”


5. Oh, she is so grown up.


6. Aww, this is just too much cuteness.


Oh, God! I personally just love these unusual friendships so much. I never ever thought I would hear about a baby elephant being in friend with an ostrich, let alone cuddling with each other. What is the strangest friendship you have ever seen? Let us know in the comments down below…


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