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Entitled Mom Berates Artist For Promoting Evil And Doing The ‘Sinful’ Work Her Daughter Commissioned

Artists are illusionists! Right? They just pick any matter from the world and can transform anything into wondrous and even make it terrifying and noble. Oftentimes, artists are accused of the masterpiece they create. Maybe, art is another language that many people don’t understand or they can’t interpret the meaning of the art. Or maybe, the art is something that is against the culture or norm of the society. Whatever the reason could be, we know that art is a beautiful language. It expresses the imagination in the most wondrous and noble way.


Many people accuse these artists, and now Reddit forum U/Dippdot can add a story to their tons of stories list. A story where a woman commented on how an artist is warping her daughter’s mind through demonic images.
We headed towards the forum and gathered a whole story of how women accused the artist.

A conversation was shared on Reddit by r/ChoosingBeggars – a platform where the user share tons of stories, pictures, and screenshots of strangers who try to get their money back and are being too picky. A story of a mom was shared where she was trying to get the commissioned money back from the artist. She believed that her daughter commissioned a drawing from the artist from u/dippdot. 

Entitled mom demands a refund and tells me to repent! from ChoosingBeggars

The conversation went like this:

Mom commented: “Hi so my daughter commissioned you last week for a drawing and I wanted to discuss the details of the purchase,”

The Reddit User responded to mom politely: “Oh what commission are you referring to?” They said: “I did quite a few if you could give me some context to which one.”

Mom replied: “I don’t remember what it was but she paid $20 from my credit card for it for her stupid character,”

You can have a glimpse of the wild conversation shared on the forum:

Via u/dippdot/Reddit

Well, the woman failed to provide any proof to the artist. So, she tried to turn the table smartly by picking up an image from his webpage and asked the artist: “Also, what is this on your page.”. Obviously, she was still mad and now she is asking hilarious questions.

Mom asked hilarious questions!

Via u/dippdot/Reddit

Mom messaged: “You promote demons and alcohol on your page!”. She said: “My daughter commissioned you. What are you doing drawing such demonic things. Give me your mother’s phone number.”

That’s truly hilarious AF! Did she really just ask the artist to give his mother’s number!? LOL. The artist decided to act politely in any way.

Artist strikes back!

Via u/dippdot/Reddit

He explains that he isn’t a minor anymore and he’s responsible for his own actions, why should his mother be dragged into it?

Another Hilarious Image Shared By Mom!

Mom was still mad. She stated, “People like you are the reason why demonic imagery is allowed into media today. Where can I leave a review on your artwork to warn others about what you post! I want my refund or I’m unleashing my followers onto you! You need to repent!”

Via u/dippdot/Reddit

Oh good lord, what kind of hilarious and weird conversation this was! Obviously, she didn’t have any proof regarding that $20 commission. Still, she was mad and tired of failed attempts to get her money back from the artist.

Anyways, what would you do if you were in a similar situation? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear your opinion and suggestions to the mom.


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