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14 Stories About Employers Who Respect Pet Emergencies

All the pet owners who are reading this can surely relate to how problematic and stressful a pet emergency can be. We care for our pets just like our own babies and consider them our family members. If anything happens to them, whether they are sick or just feeling low, we would do everything in our power to make them feel better just like our pets would shower us with unconditional love. It goes both ways. We consider our pets as a big blessing in our lives.

However, the problem arises if you have a job. A majority of the employers won’t even consider a pet emergency as an actual emergency which isn’t just inhumane but plain ridiculous as well. They don’t know what kind of attachment we share with our pets. All they care about is the work being done on time. But there are employers who do show empathy towards their employees and would completely understand a pet emergency. We are always busy bashing our bosses but forget to appreciate them if they are being kind to us. So today, we would like to share a few Reddit experiences of such employers who understood that their employee considers their pets as a family, therefore their bosses helped them in the best possible ways.

Anyways, let’s go ahead and read about the experiences and how these employer were so kind and in what ways did they decide to help out;

1. It started off with a guy appreciating his boss for understanding the pet emergencies!

Via ThatMkeDoe

2. That is the kind of boss we need!

Via jeswesky

3. Such a kind boss!

Via Cursethewind

4. This boss counts the dog as family so gave his employee a sick leave!

Via atlantisgate

5. It’s absolutely true that if our pets are unwell, we simply can’t focus on anything else.

Via FOXF1R396

6. Mvp cat in the house!

Via Sage_Fox

7. These type of employers deserve a shout out!

Via pennygadget6

8. The first line explains it all.

Via Mischungg

9. Good people still exist.

Via pinkpolo

10. Where do you even find these type of managers!?

Via atxguy

11. Fur babies are nothing less than human babies. Period.

Via Luna-Ryder

12. Her dog had a seizure and the employer didn’t mind giving this girl an off.

Via FruitPunchPossum

13. Employers who have been through these pet emergencies can totally understand.

Via 1cecream4breakfast

14. Super understanding boss!

Via munchikin

Reading these experiences gives us hope that good people still exist. Not all bosses are cruel or mean, they can be extremely kind too. We enjoy bashing our bosses most of the time but when it comes to appreciation, we forget about it. One should always appreciate the positives as well instead of just focusing or counting the negatives. Do you have a boss who understands that pet emergencies are important? Have you experienced anything similar to this? Let us know down in the comments below!


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