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Pit Bull Photoshopped Into Famous Horror Movie Characters

Let’s take a ride along the journey of three adorable and inspirational doggos. Jax, Stache, and Beebs are three admirable Pitbulls owned by Kelsey. She adopted each of the pitbull separately but now they aren’t anything less than a family and love living together.


When we researched about them a bit it turns out, that these three pups are absolute Instagram sweethearts. There’s this personal blog these lovelies own, The Whitest Pups You Know, you need to check it out! Kelsey explains her love for Pitbulls and how these dogs deserve all the love in her blog ‘Lovabull‘. Kelsey shared her whole experience of how she got to adopt the three of them and her love for this specific breed. She further awakens her followers with the fact that the Pitbull breed is kind and lovable, there is nothing to hate about these amazing and energetic dogs. Well, we couldn’t agree more!

The fact that ‘how’ she is creating awareness, of these dogs being one of their kind, is a story in its own. She indulges her doggies in different characters that we’ve been following over the years, some of them come from Disney while others are from the classic films from the past. Some of the getups involve pure photoshops, while some of them include serious makeovers such as costumes and other accessories.

Whatever the circumstances, the dogs stood extremely patient during their photoshoots and that’s something to be appreciated! How perfectly are they carrying their looks?! Magnificent!

1. The mistress of evil – Maleficent

I will destroy you in the most beautiful way, Pawsible!

2. Dalmation with eyes instead of spots


I can see you, no matter where you hide…

3. Edward Scissorhands


“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it”

4. Eric Draven – The crow


“It can’t rain all the time”

5. Hades – Hercules


“Memo to me, memo to me: maim you after my meeting”

6. Lydia – Beetlejuice


“I, myself, am strange and unusual”

7. Jame and Mike – Monter’s inc.


“You and I are a team, nothing is more important than our friendship”

8. Pennywise – IT


“What Can Be Done Can Often Never Be Done Again”

Here’s what Kelsey had to say about ‘loveabull’ campaign

“I hope through taking silly and derpy photos of my bully breeds, people will see that and want to adopt one of their own.

All dogs need a chance, don’t be afraid to adopt just because of their looks or the stereotypes that follow them. My biggest frustration is people automatically assuming they know my dogs because of what their head shape looks like. All dogs are individuals, regardless of their breed.

If I could do anything for these dogs and money wasn’t an option…I would get a bigger property to take in fosters and also use it as a sanctuary for the dogs who are having a hard time finding their forever homes.”

9. Pinhead – Hellraiser


“If you have a quality be proud of it. Let it define you whatever it is”

10. Sally and Jack – Nightmare before Christmas


“Just because I can’t see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it”

11. Skelebeebz

Woof, that’s all he had to say

12. Ursula – Little mermaid


“Life’s full of tough choices, INNIT?”

13. Wednesday Adams – Adam’s family

“I’m not in a bad mood, this is how I look”

14. Freddy – Freddy vs Jason


“The stuff nightmares are made of”

15. Holloween series ft. our stars

16. The Fam!


They sure did steal the limelight and their 128k followers couldn’t agree more!

What do you have to say about these adorable Pitbulls? Do you own one? Spill your heart out! We’ll love to listen to what you have to say about this heart-touching campaign Kelsey is up to, in the comments section below! Don’t forget to mention which one of these was your favorite!


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