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15 Entitled People With Their Absurd And Unreasonable Demands

As the title suggests, entitled people never stop coming, do they?

I mean, every now and then, we have to deal with such people who have absolutely no level of dignity, and not only that, they won’t even think twice before making such ridiculous and unreasonable demands. They won’t think about what people would say because they would be too busy thinking that they are doing the “right thing”. It can get truly frustrating indeed but you must keep your patience with yourself while dealing with these people because they really don’t possess a brain if they do, they just think too “highly” of themselves.


The best way to respond to these people is by giving them a taste of their own medicine. If you get an unreasonable demand coming your way, don’t be mad about it but just make an equally unreasonable demand in return and see them getting burned. Today, we have collected a bunch of absurd requests by entitled people which is not going to make you mad but you’d rather laugh your a** off while reading them. It might even make you question their sanity at some point because these requests are truly ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

Let’s go ahead and have a good laugh at it, shall we?

1. This guy wants his daughter to be picked from school, free of cost, everyday.

Via neotheprophet

2. This employer wants an employee for an entry-level position with about 50+ years of experience.

Via Jowbles

3. I absolutely hate these kind of people.

Via HelpFew5732

4. Wait a minute, that’s a dog tail!? Never mind.

Via Doctorphotograph

5. An alarming notification.

Via YhhhSgetti

6. I hope some of his attorney friends send this guy to jail for such an absurd request.

Via TheLatinGerman

7. And that is why education is important.

Via ZeroweaponX

8. That is one of the most hilarious ads I have ever seen

Via Knellessurus

9. I wonder what was this lady high on?

Via DrKader

10. Seems like this guy was way too paranoid.

Via A_Seal_Beater

11. Why do such people even exist, seriously!?

Via etjustice

12. Oh God, the audacity! She literally messaged to, unlike a comment.

Via jorgbrtu

13. These type of entitled people just want everything for free.

Via Anish_OnFire

14. That’s window shopping on a whole new level.

Via isthatericmellow

15. An innocent but absurd request.

Via MoopsiePoopsie

16. I have started to hate these influencers. They are always up for free food and free stuff.

Via rafasgjhdi

Well, we are pretty sure that by now you must be wondering, why do such people exist? And maybe these kinds of people are the reason why even aliens won’t visit us! As frustrating as these requests were, they were equally hilarious too! One thing that we know for sure, such people are always going to exist and we shall always give them a taste of their own medicine to teach them a lesson.

Have you ever come across such ridiculous demands? Why don’t you share it with us so we can have a few more prime examples of entitled people with their ridiculous demands.


What do you think?