10+ Entitled People With Insane Demands That’ll Make You Cringe Really Hard

When will choosing beggars learn?

I mean I understand wanting free stuff but do these people have no shame? I feel embarrassed when I ask for a free refill the 2nd time even though the cinema offers unlimited free refills. However, these people do not have an ounce of shame in their bodies. After all there is a reason Reddit is filled with these entitled choosing beggars who think they deserve this free stuff.


From making up stupid excuses to pulling out that age-old ‘I’m a single parent’ these people will do anything to get what they want. That is why today we are going to read some of the cringiest stories thanks to these choosing beggars.

#1 So it’s a sam just because they won’t do it for free? It makes perfect sense.

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#2 If it’s only $5 why don’t you just pay it and be done with it rather than threatening him?

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#3 So what is it then? A joke perhaps? Like you?

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#4 If that worked, My library wouldn’t have so many games sitting on there.

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#5 If you’re so hungry, just go buy some fast food then!

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#6 Why would you even ask that question? You are not the jerk here.

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One good thing did come out of this, however, you got to learn who your friend is. And it seems he is just a choosing beggar who doesn’t appreciate you and is just using you. I sure hope you guys are not friends anymore.

#7 This has happened to me as well and it does not feel good.

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#8 I can somewhat understand 200k but 2k? Really?

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#9 Some people can never be happy no matter what you do.

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#10 That is still a better job than what I could have done.

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So many people don’t respect creative people. They think being an artist is just a hobby and that they don’t deserve any money for that. This choosing beggar stuff is much more prevalent in the art community than any other which is sad.

#11 Why would a single mother ger free piercings? It makes no sense.

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#12 It’s not like you are being forced to eat it.

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#13 What makes this woman thinks she deserves it more than anyone else?

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#14 This person was trying so hard to be nice but they just didn’t want the job.


#15 To be honest, I would forgo the cash and just get the baby crocodile.

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What are your thoughts on these choosing beggars? Would you ever give free stuff to people like these? Comment down below and let us know.


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