24 Extremely Adorable Cats Who Are Just Here To Brighten Up Your Dims

Nothing is a problem for cats!

You name it, there is literally nothing in this world that a cat cannot do. And that is because of the extremely high confidence that they naturally possess. Their independent selves love announcing their presence and it really does matter for so many people on this planet. Tied up with dogs, approximately 1.6 million of the world’s cats are adopted by people. They must be extremely lucky.


The reason why I call cat owners lucky is that their kitties literally know how to brighten up anyone’s dim day, and they really don’t have t make an effort for that. These floofs look extremely adorable no matter what state they are in and that is enough to make anyone smile. The stress literally just goes away. And I believe given how things have been in the world these days, we really do need a dose of some cat adorableness almost every week now.

Here are some of the most adorable images of cats shared by people on the internet. God bless these angels.

Scroll down below for some extra wholesomeness!

1. “I can’t believe she let me put this on her!”

A perfect fit. She is rocking it like a boss!

Via Twitter

2. “Can you believe my cat was the ‘cheap one’ cuz no one wanted her like…???”


Excuse me? Seriously, what is wrong with humans these days.

Via Twitter

3. “Kinda busy today, it’s my cat’s Quinceañera.”


Not gonna lie, I had to google what that mouthful of a word meant. Now that I know what it means, the kitty just became 10x cooler.

Via Twitter

4. A very resourceful use of a jumper hat. Smart kitty.


I can bet that must be feeling really comfortable in there.

Via Source

5. “Girlfriend’s cat snorted then did this. She’s still doing it.”


You only know this when you know whatever you do will look cute on the internet.

Via Twitter

6. “Lunar likes hiding in towels.”


Lunar also manages to look extremely cute while doing so.

Via u/ihavenopoweroveryou

7. “I rolled the cats a catnip joint and I am fu***ng losing it.”


Hmm! Daddy, this is good stuff. I am gonna need another one once I am done smoking this.

Via Twitter

8. “My new cat has these eyebrows that only make her look sad or nervous lol”

To be fair I think they make your cat look extremely cute. Literally, those expressions just made my day.


Via u/Mattdehaven

9. Just an adorable kitty hustling through the tough times.


Via Twitter

10. 4 black cats on a mission to make the neighborhood smile.

There is something very special about black cats. They look so majestical!


Via u/SoulJWL

11. “Literally can’t stop thinking about my teacher’s cat.”

Oh my god! I think I have just stumbled upon the epitome of cuteness.

Via Twitter

12. Big dignified floofs for the win!


There is way too much dignity in those eyes.

Via u/roebot1992

Oh my god! My eyes, they can’t handle this much adorableness. All these cats have literally won my heart and there are so many more yet to come. What is it with these cats? How do they do it? Questions science has yet to find answers to.

I know you guys can’t wait for more so I will shut up and let you scroll through some more cuteness.

13. Why don’t my wrinkles look this adorable?

Maybe there’s a secret workout to pull off wrinkles as this kitty does?

Via Twitter

14. Marcus can’t believe his eyes right now. What an amazing portrait!


Via u/josedkinney

15. The council chairman is busy taking some very important decisions.

How does one manage to look beautiful during the most stressful office meetings? I need to find where this cat lives.

Via Twitter

16. When you plan on staying committed to the grumpy you but keep on spilling cuteness.


How can someone look angry and cute at the exact same time? Cats are legends!

Via u/JesseD320

17. “How can I stop this sucker from biting my toes?”

I don’t think you have a chance, especially after those adorable eyes. I could never say no to those eyes.”

Via u/CatchADeffaz

18. A mischievous pair. They are definitely up to something.

Such cuties!


Via u/tamdes2

19. Looks like the search is over guys. I have just spotted the world’s most gorgeous kitten in the world.

Via u/throw_auway

20. Fry and Leela have taken it upon themselves to brighten up our dim days.


Via u/keenerkat

21. A cute tornado with 4 legs.

Via u/Ok_Reflection_4766

22. These rescues look so adorable sleeping on papa’s lap. Such an innocent moment!


All levels of wholesomeness have been surpassed by this one picture.

Via u/Coping_meganism

23. Moji the Scottish Fold has multi-colored eyes and is ready to rule us all with its majestic looks.

What you here is a genetic condition called Heterochromia which causes genetic mutation and causes living things to have different colored eyes. Even mutations favor cats!

Via Instagram

24. Just a floof sitting with its tiny version.

They look really cute together.

Via u/SVT_Devinn

I really hope these images brightened up your days. Damn, times aren’t easy, I fully realize that. Where would we have been without cats? I don’t even want such a thought to come near me…ever.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below. Do let is know your love for cats.


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