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Father’s Instinct Saves Daughters Life From A Creepy Situation

It is always good to be a little suspicious. 

I am not saying that one should always be paranoid that someone is following them or the government is in on it. Because if one thinks like that then they would never be able to live their life properly. However, there is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of suspicion. All humans have flight or fight instincts because that is how we know to preserve our life. So when you see something out of the ordinary, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry later.


We have all heard the stories of white vans kidnapping people. Why the kidnappers always choose a white van rather than any color is beyond me but a white-colored van has become synonymous with fear. So when this man noticed a white van near her daughter’s car with the door open, he was curious to see why. And when he realized that the intentions of the owners of the car were savory, he immediately called the police as anyone should. 

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She was done for the day and ready to head home when her parents showed up to have a drink with her.

Still have no idea how your dad suspected something? I mean, a white van sitting next to your car in a likely near empty lot at closing time? Nothing out of the ordinary there? I’m a man and I would be wary about that oddity. It makes me concerned about her common sense. –MisterTrashPanda

But her father noticed something weird when he went to wipe off the snow on her windshield.


This is why everyone should know some basic self-defense. And this can happen to anyone, not just women. However, criminals most likely choose a woman because there is less chance of them escaping or being able to fight back against two or more people. But if you are careful especially at night and have a sense of self-preservation, humans can suspect a lot of things when we put our minds to it. However, sometimes all the self precaution in the world is not enough.

And that is when he called the police and thankfully they managed to catch the people behind many other kidnappings in the area.


My aunt that was a firefighter and single most of her life, always taught me things to look for. Also basic self defense, like how to whip my arm around if someone grabbed me. And to check tires before driving as basic safety. And I started parking so my passenger side always faces the door I will be coming out of. Helps to check tires, but you pay more attention to surroundings, like a van on your driver’s side. –heartstarter

This may seem a little far-fetched but there are many stories just like this one where the victims are never found again or only their bodies remain. Police might try their best to find the people who are kidnapped but once they are gone, there aren’t usually many clues left behind. This is why it is recommended to learn self-defense and pay attention to one’s surroundings.

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